Plan your Zoom with ease, document with joy, and leave with clarity.

Record, transcribe and document the whole conversation. Create clips to extract highlights efficiently.

Auto join Zoom meetings

Never worry about missing out on any events. Airgram Bot automatically joins all or particular Zoom meetings on your Google Calendar. No more manual operation.

Transcribing an instant Zoom call is also possible with just a click or shortcut key.

🔹 Automate recording and transcription
🔹 Quick start instant Zoom calls

👉 Learn to auto join Zoom

Live transcribe meetings

Get a real-time transcript instantly as the call is taking place. Search meeting notes and transcripts to quickly locate key information.

🔹 8 transcription languages
🔹 Speaker detection
🔹 Downloadable 1080P video recordings

Edit & share meeting notes

Timestamped notes provides you with context while reviewing meetings. Create action items to track the completion of a project.

Keep everyone updated on the vital matter. Extract key highlights from your own meeting notes with clips; sync the notes to Slack, Notion, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word.

🔹 Timestamped notes, action items
🔹 Create and share clips
🔹 Export to Slack, Notion, Google Docs, and MS Word.

Bring your Zoom meeting experience to the next level

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