Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template

Review your team’s performance in the past week, plan the next steps, and share something inspiring or new ideas with other team members.

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template


About this template:

Apply this template to organize a well-structured and effective weekly team meeting. Make the team meeting concise but informative and clear as well.

The most important goal of having a team meeting is to ensure all team members are aligned on the mission, goals, and action items. So everybody can move forward more determinedly.

Summarize the results of every team member’s work in the past week. Encourage those who have completed the task to discuss what else needs to be adjusted or resolved.

Template Preview

Weekly Team Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting started:
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✅ Meeting preparation

Read these documents first:  
  • link: 1/2
  • file: 1/2/3

⏰ Agenda 

Performance review of last week:
  • Data review
  • OKR review & roadblocks
Priorities of this week:
  • New project kickoff and task breakdown
  • Team training session, knowledge sharing
  • Onboarding of new team members

👉 Action Items

  • Next steps for our team @Team,  Deadline
  • Tasks for our partner @Partner, Deadline
  • Things to follow up for our agency@Agency, Deadline 

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