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Free Growth Team Meeting Template

Use this template to review and analyze the key metrics at a weekly meeting, so your growth team can adjust the growth strategy and determine to drive business growth.

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Metrics Review

Review the key metrics like customer acquisition and revenue. Celebrate wins.

  • Metric 1

  • ...

Growth Experiment Updates

Give an overview of the running/finished growth experiment performance. Conclude what we have learned.

  • Talking point 1

  • ...


The roadblocks that stand in your way to accomplishing the team’s goals

  • Challenge 1

  • ...

Adjustment & Solutions

Decide on the adjustment and solutions to improving the current/next growth performance.

  • Solution 1

  • ...

Next Steps

  • [ ] @ name Task by due dates

  • [ ] ...

Growth team meeting overview

A growth team, as the name suggests, is a group of people dedicated to driving business growth. It's not a sales or marketing department but a diverse team that consists of people with different backgrounds, including product managers, designers, and engineers.

By holding growth team meetings on a weekly basis, they collaborate together to 1) identify problems and obstacles that hinder a company’s growth and 2) analyze the experiment data and plan the next steps.

About the growth team meeting template

Give an overview of the growth metrics at the start of the meeting and celebrate wins with the whole team.

Then, analyze the results of the running/finished tests. Share the most significant impact on the team's objectives and company growth (NorthStar Metric).

Leave time to talk about the roadblocks you've come across and come up with solutions.

Decide on the adjustment and solutions to improving the current/next growth performance.

growth team meeting agenda

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