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Strategic Marketing Planning Meeting Agenda Template

Accelerate your efficiency at crafting a clear marketing strategy with effective analysis and active brainstorming.

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🎯 Objectives

What goals do we want to reach with the marketing strategy?

📚 Competitor Analysis

What kind of strategy do our competitors adopt?

  • Competitor strategy 1

  • Competitor strategy 2

  • ...

🔎 Customer Analysis

Use the user research study result to describe our buyer personas such as their age, location, occupations, goals, pains, and such.

  • Talking point 1

  • Talking point 2

  • ...

📝 Market Strategy

What acquisition channel should we use? What is our SWOT?

  • Talking point 1

  • Talking point 2

  • ...

📌 Metrics

Define the key measurement for your marketing campaign to track the progress

  • Talking point 1

  • Talking point 2

  • ...

💰 Budget

🎨 Brainstorming

  • Idea 1

  • Idea 2

☑️ Plans

  • [ ] Next step 1

  • [ ] Next step 2

About this template:

Set up goals you want to reach. Analyze the marketing strategy our competitors adopt. And make use of the insights from the user research to illustrate your buyer personas.

Put forth your market strategy by combining your SWOT analysis and the findings you’ve gained from competitor analysis and user analysis. Don’t forget to set up the key metrics to measure the performance and determine the budget for supporting the upcoming campaigns, such as EDM, and referral plans. Last, motivate every team member to brainstorm ideas for the marketing plan.

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Marketing Team Meeting Agenda
A marketing team meeting is an essential tool for aligning team goals and improving performance. Run more effective marketing meetings with a free template agenda and this guide.
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