Sprint Review Meeting Agenda Template

Use this template to showcase your product increment items and gain insightful feedback from the key stakeholders.

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Completed Tasks

Mark what you have accomplished in this sprint session and write down any feedback from the attendees.

  • talking point

Product Demo

The development team demonstrates the product increment to the product owner.

Product Backlog

The product owner examines whether the demo fits the product backlog agreed upon during the sprint planning meeting.


Any interested party can comment on / provide feedback based on the product demo.

Potential Product Backlog Items

  1. Write down any highlights that inspired you...

Action Items

  • set action items

About this template:

The sprint review meetings occur at the end of each sprint, followed by a sprint retrospective meeting. It is complementary to the sprint planning meeting, where the team decides which product backlog items to accomplish in this sprint. In the sprint planning meeting, the development team and the product owner choose a set of product features to add or improve, while the sprint review meeting is a reporting and evaluative process. 

Unlike other scrum meetings, key stakeholders, such as the end users, are welcome to join the sprint review meeting so that the development team and the product manager can gain straightforward insights into a better product.


What is the sprint review meeting for?

The sprint meeting is not just a demo. While the product increment demonstration by the development team is a crucial part of the meeting, the more important thing is for stakeholders (e.g., the end users) to understand and provide valuable feedback to the team so that the product can reach its maximum value potential.

Is it the same as a sprint retrospective meeting?

Sprint review and the sprint retrospective are not interchangeable in practice. The two types of meetings are equally important for the success of a sprint session and the integrity of the Scrum framework. Essentially, sprint review focuses on maximizing the product value, while sprint retrospective revolves around making continual process improvements.

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Project Updates

Give each team member time to answer the below questions:

  • What did I accomplish yesterday?

  • What will I do today?

  • What is blocking my progress?

Next Steps

Assign action items to the specific member with an estimated completion date.

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE

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