Sprint Retrospective Meeting Agenda Template

Use this template to guide your team through the retrospection, enjoy the sprint fruition and reflect on what could be improved.

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What we did well in this sprint

Let's set a positive tone for the discussion.

What we could have done differently

Did we experiment with something new this time?

Did our routine/process turn out to be ineffective?

What are the things or processes we can improve in the next sprint?

Action Items

Now that we've had the discussion, let's improve our workflow!


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About this template:

This is the last step of a complete sprint. It is important to reflect on the execution of the sprint and make necessary adjustments in the next sprint, so the team can establish a self-correcting cycle. During the Retrospective, the Scrum team starts by celebrating the achievements, then brainstorming possible improvements on processes or practices.


Is it the same as a sprint review meeting?

Sprint review and the sprint retrospective are not interchangeable in practice. The two types of meetings are equally important for the success of a sprint session and the integrity of the Scrum framework. Essentially, sprint review focuses on maximizing the product value, while sprint retrospective revolves around making continual process improvements.

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