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Sales and Marketing Meeting Agenda Template

Sales and Marketing Meeting Agenda Template

This template is perfect for aligning sales and marketing teams. Develop a shared understanding of both teams' goals, content, expectations, and tactics.

🗺 Purpose

What are the goals of this project?

Goal 1

Goal 2

✍️ Review of Content, Campaign, and Competition

How are campaigns and content doing? Give a brief summary.

Review 1

Review 2


💲 Customer Engagement and Trends

How are customer engagement and general market trends evolving?

  • Customer engagement

  • Marketing trends

🔎 Strategy

What strategy will we adopt to achieve the overall goal?

Strategy 1

Strategy 2


👉 Action Items

List a detailed set of tasks that every member should be responsible for

About this template:

It’s an opportunity for both teams to work together to acquire more users and close more deals. The collaboration of these two departments is essential to elaborate a strategy so that both teams can effectively plan out corresponding action plans to achieve the goal.

You’ll start this meeting with a broad project picture delivering a background to everyone: what are the goals of this project? 

Then, go over the performance of the marketing campaign, such as the performance of the current advertising or promotional content, achievement, roadblocks, and other key information. 

Next, move on to sharing the customer engagement and trends. Present and analyze concisely specific key performance metrics. Dive into the current industry trends to ensure both teams have the latest knowledge, which helps add more new ideas to the strategy and action plans.

Both teams rely on each other from promoting content in various channels for gathering leads to turning them into customers. So next, discuss what tactics to adopt to attract customers to buy your product or service. 

And after the exploration of the content, customer engagement, and market trends, set up and assign action items to motivate everyone to do their best at their work.


1. The goal of the sales and marketing meeting

To help both teams reach a consensus on the goals, strategies, expectations, and future action plans. This regular alignment meeting can help these two departments drive more growth for the company. 

2. What should you discuss at this meeting?

In this meeting, both teams should outline the marketing strategy and goals for the year or quarter, along with the action items for helping achieve the overall revenue goals. Besides, both teams should also set aside some time to review essential metrics about the campaign, customer engagement, etc.

3. How often should you run the sales and marketing meeting?

You can schedule this tactical sales and marketing alignment meeting once or twice a month, depending on the density of your campaigns and the complexity of the strategy.

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