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Daily Standup Meeting Agenda Template

Daily Standup Meeting Agenda Template

Use this template to stay up to date with your Scrum Team’s progress, identify and solve issues or difficulties in a timely manner.

What I did yesterday

  • What tasks were I assigned yesterday?

  • Did I reach my goal for yesterday?

What I plan to do today

Did I finish my unfinished work from yesterday?

Have I been assigned any new tasks?


How do I want others to help me in reaching my goal?

How can I be of any assistance to others?

Action Items

  • add item here

About this template

The purpose of daily scrum meetings is not to report to anybody, but to make sure the team is on the same page with what’s on and off track. Everyone should simply state what they did and what they are going to work on in short sentences. 

Another thing to look out for is that the daily scrum is not a problem-solving session and teams should be aware of falling down the rabbit hole of trying to solve all problems. The issues should be resolved outside of this meeting, this is just for essential daily communication.


Why standing up?

Standup meetings are a unique form of meeting, because standing up is meant to create discomfort for participants, thus giving attendees incentives to get straight to the point and keep the meeting strictly time-boxed.

Why daily?

Standup meetings occur daily for the team to communicate their workload and adjust their collaborative mode. By knowing what other teammates are working on and what impediments are in the way, the team can work more efficiently together.

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