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Getting Started

About Airgram

Airgram is a meeting productivity tool that can record, transcribe and document your Google Meet & Zoom calls.

With Airgram, you can experience less distraction and get more productivity:
🔴  Live transcription for Google Meet & Zoom
✅  8 transcription languages
📝  Collaborative notes with timestamps
🎥  Downloadable HD video recording
📤  Google Calendar, Slack integration
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Install Airgram Chrome extension for Google Meet

Click here to download the Airgram extension from Chrome Web Store. Click "Add to Chrome" to add Airgram extension to your browser.

Airgram extension is a free and exquisite tool that helps you create agenda in Google Calendar before a meeting and transcribe your Google Meet calls. Additionally, you can work together on meeting notes and action items with others.

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How to transcribe a scheduled Google Meet?

After downloading Airgram extension for Chrome, you can record and transcribe your Google Meet:

1. Go to Google Meet and a popup window of Airgram extension will appear automatically.
2. Find the meeting you want to transcribe from the Meetings tab > click the Pen icon or Notebook icon.
3. When you go to the detail page, click "Start Recording".
4. During the meeting, you can click “Transcript” to check out the real-time transcription.

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How to instantly start recording and transcribing a Google Meet call?

For transcribing an instant Google Meet call which is not on your calendar:

1. Open Google Meet and wait for the Airgram extension window to pop up.
2. Click "Quick Note".
3. When you go to the detail page, click "Start Recording".
4. During the meeting, click "Transcript" to check out the real-time transcription.

How to transcribe a scheduled Zoom meeting?

Click here to watch a video about how to record and transcribe Zoom.

Here’re the steps:
1. Open Airgram calendar and find the Zoom meetings you need to transcribe.
2. Click "Take Notes" and then go to the detail page.
3. Click "Start Zoom call" to start the transcription.

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And if you have any problems, please click the chat icon and send us a message.

How to instantly start recording and transcribing a Zoom meeting?

1. Open Airgram > Click "+" on the sidebar menu > Click "Quick Zoom Recording".
2. Copy the Zoom link and paste it.
3. Click "Start Recording", then you can quickly get the real-time transcription for the Zoom call.

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What are timestamped notes for?

Timestamps are used to link your notes with the exact moment of the recording and transcript. You can better understand the critical information in the context of the whole conversation.

During a meeting: how to add a timestamped note?

1. Write down anything in the Notepad, and they will be attached with timestamps automatically. Only the notes written during a meeting will be timestamped.

2. Or hover on any text on "Transcript" > click the icons on the right to copy it to the Notepad. All of the copied text will be attached with timestamps, too.

After a meeting: How to use the timestamped notes?

Click the link beside the notes, you can jump to the exact moment of the recording and transcript.

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How to invite others to collaborate on Airgram?

You can invite others to check out the transcript, notes and the video recording on Airgram. People who get invited to view your notes can also edit them:

1. Click the "SHARE" button on the top right corner of the meeting detail page.
2. Type the name or email address that you'd like to share.
3. If you choose "Public," everyone who gets the link can view and edit the notes.

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Share Airgram meeting notes to Slack

Airgram enables you to share your meeting notes with other people via Slack. Moreover, you can also copy the notes and paste them on other platforms.

1. Make sure you’ve connected Airgram to your Slack account first.
2. Click “...” in the top right corner of the meeting detail page.
3. Choose “Send to Slack”  > Select a channel or a user to share

Then, you can open Slack and check out your complete meeting notes.

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Security & Privacy

Why do we request Google Calendar access?

To help you transcribe, document, and review the meeting conveniently, Airgram accesses your Google Calendar only to collect meeting-related information for creating meeting recordings in Airgram. All your data is kept confidential and can only be accessed by yourself. Your privacy is our top priority.

- Sync the meeting agenda, name of the events on your Airgram calendar. And sync the notes on Airgram to your Google Calendar.
- Get a Zoom meeting link to send a bot to attend the meeting, which automatically transcribes the call when it begins.

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Our upcoming Pricing Plans

Currently, a free plan with 50 recordings/transcripts per user per month is available.

Premium paid plans will be available to teams and individuals in H1 2022. Some exclusive features will be introduced.

And if you sign up before March 31, 2022, you will get a discount when upgrading to our paid plans.

Here are all the features included in the free plan now. If you want us to add a new feature, please give your advice here. 🤝