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How gains new level of meeting efficiency with Airgram needed a solution to document and circulate meeting information with clients and teammates efficiently and ultimately save valuable time. See why it chose Airgram as the productivity partner. case study banner


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saved in follow-up email logo is a 100% location-independent digital engineering office and productivity consultancy for (yacht) interior design & carpentry business.

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    Digital engineering

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    2-50 employees

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    Client meetings, Consulting

The Challenge

Coordinate with customers and team members efficiently through a single meeting, as a fully remote engineering office that builds 2D or 3D drawings for customers, has frequent internal and external virtual meetings to manage. 

Their overall goal is to “coordinate the constructions and layouts together (with clients) in a video call and incorporate (their) wishes and comments directly into the designs.”

construction design by

First, the project manager will need to meet with clients to understand their design needs. Once they reach an agreement, the PM would communicate with team members who will handle separate parts of the 2D/3D CAD design. 

 “I go with the customer through every room and talk over every subject in this room,” says Tobias Naumer, founder of and also an engineer. “But in our company, every room is designed by a different colleague. So I need to share the recording with my team who only need to look at his part of the video and not the whole.”

To facilitate the process, he needed to set the team up with intelligent meeting management software that would:  

  • Record meetings

  • Share relevant parts with teammates or the customer as a minute of the meeting 

  • Allow colleagues to locate specific parts of the recording easily

  • Secure feedback for iterations and adjustments

And he settled on Airgram after doing research, whose compatibility with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams - which were often used by their clients - was a key factor in making it a great fit for them.

After testing a few others, like TL;DV, and Meetgeek, Airgram is my favorite because it supports all big 3 video call tools (MS Teams, G-Meet, Zoom) and has a clean and simple interface. It also allows me to share meeting notes with the whole team easily.

Solutions with Airgram

One person coordinates everything

Pro-Plans' need for efficiency in its daily workflow and delivering projects within agreed timelines makes managing its employees’ time a priority. But this often proves difficult because their construction projects have different elements that are handled by individual team members. Each member would have otherwise been required to be in meetings to receive the clients’ feedback.

They, instead, use Airgram to keep the number of meeting attendees to a minimum - typically only the project manager - because the Airgram assistant will record meeting videos and generate a complete transcript automatically.

Now only 1 person has to be in the meeting and can coordinate everything. No information can be lost and also the relevant information can be delegated more easily to the right people.

Smart search facilitates information processing

As described above, each engineer in is held accountable for a part of the engineering drawing, so they only need to learn the customer's requirements for that part. How?

Airgram meets their needs satisfyingly with timestamps and the smart search feature. So, instead of wasting time skimming through the entire video or transcript to find the relevant parts of the discussion, they simply jump to the part.

"Instead of having to go through the whole video to find what we have spoken about, we can just locate the information directly so team members quickly view only the relevant part," says Tobias.

Apart from that, they can select the important parts and make a sharable video clip. This allows the Pro-Plans team to easily circulate meeting highlights and important information internally and externally. 

AI-powered summary for swift alignment maintains an impressive culture of synergy and collaboration within its team and with customers by aligning and following up on key details of every discussion without compromising efficiency. 

Key parts of their value offered to customers include summarizing every call so that “agreements are clearly documented and can be viewed again at any time.”

And Airgram also helps in that, with its AI-powered summary immediately available post-meeting.

So, in addition to sharing notes and recordings, they share meeting summaries generated by Airgram with relevant stakeholders to keep them abreast of progress, developments, resolutions, and next steps. 

Key integrations simplify workflow 

Workflow automation is a huge part of Pro-Plans’ current way of working. As Tobias expressed, “We are a totally modern team and are 100% remote working with AI for maximum efficiency.”

Their approach is to simplify their workflows and eliminate manual tasks to maximize efficiency gains. Paraphrasing Tobias, his vision for the team’s workflow is, “to make the whole company like an operating system where everything fits together.” 

Airgrams integrations have their seal of approval. “When I tried the integrations, they worked really well and that’s so big and integral (to our work).”

Airgram’s direct integration with HubSpot, which is the team’s most important CRM software, allows them to sync meeting notes and transcripts to manage sales easily.

 Never miss a call with an auto-joined assistant

Airgram's auto-join feature assists the team by taking the strain off managing and attending every meeting. It can automatically join the meeting on their behalf to record and take notes.

“To be able to do your work stress-free and with fun is fabulous; even spontaneous absences due to illness or vacations run without turbulence,” says Tobias.

This feature especially comes in handy when team members have meetings running simultaneously and their immediate input is not required or when they have to join a meeting late but do not want to miss important details.

The conclusion

Airgram’s synthesis of simplicity, efficiency, and functionality has helped effectively manage its meeting records, improve internal and external collaboration, and efficiently deliver on its promises to customers. 

According to them, “We rely on automation and artificial intelligence to fully exploit technical possibilities and continuously implement projects faster and more efficiently.” As a foremost AI meeting assistant, Airgram perfectly fits the bill.

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