tl;dv’s unbeatable alternative: beyond Google Meet transcription

Airgram offers what tl;dv doesn't. Automate your Zoom meetings, level up your note-taking experience, and sync meeting highlights to your favorite apps.

Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams

We support live transcription on major virtual meeting platforms. Good riddance to switching between different apps.

Powerful automation for Zoom

Name the date and time, your AI assistant will automatically jump in any scheduled Zoom meetings. Never worry about forgetting to record!

Collaborative note-taking

Encourage meeting participation and generate maximum creative power with notes made up of team efforts!

Diverse integrations

Sync your notes and transcripts to your workspace - Notion, Google Docs, Slack, Microsoft Word and more!

Airgram vs. tl;dv

Transcribe Zoom live
Auto join Zoom calls
Transcribe Google Meet live
Transcribe Microsoft Teams live
Identify speakers
Editable transcript
Downloadable videos
Video chapters based on agenda
Listen to certain speakers
Set up agenda
Collaborate on notes
Track action items
Add tags
👉 Request
Video clips
Extract key information
Associate recurring meetings
Share to Slack
Export notes and transcript to Google Docs
Export notes and transcript to Microsoft Word
Sync notes and transcript to Notion

Video Conferencing Tools

Use Cases

tl;dr: forget about tl;dv. Come join Airgram!

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