Airgram vs. Otter: Tailored for more focused meetings

Our missions are far beyond recording and live transcribing your meetings, Airgram also allows you to share notes and video clips, track tasks, and build workspaces dedicated for teamwork!

All meetings in one app

Join and transcribe your meetings, take notes and track action items, reduce your time switching between apps and craft a result-oriented meeting experience.

Automation for major meeting platforms

Worry no more about attending meetings and taking meticulous notes. Airgram joins your Zoom, Google Meet and Teams meeting automatically!

More than just transcribing

We don’t encourage note-hoarding. Airgram finds solution to reducing your workload by dragging important snippets of transcripts into notes and generating highlight clips.

Share with ease via integrations

Export time-stamped notes with speakers via Notion, Slack, Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Streamlining your workflow has never been easier!

Airgram vs.

Multilingual transcription
Clip video snippets
Auto join Zoom, Google Meet & Teams meetings
In-app screen sharing
Record & live transcribe in-person meetings
Multi-workspace collaboration
Add & assign action items
Dedicated & interactive notepad
Set due dates for action items
Integrated notepad in Google Meet
Quick reactions to meetings
Workspace member management
Add images & GIFs to notepad
Comment in notepad & transcript
Add meeting tags
Associate recurring meeting notes
Export notepad
Billed per workspace with unlimited members
Export notes to Slack
Export notes and transcript to Notion
Sync notes and transcript to Google Docs
Auto save & share notes to participants
Max. transcription duration
5 hours
4 hours

Video Conferencing Tools

Use Cases

We deliver special offer for education & NPOs.

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