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17 Video Interview Tips to Ace a Job Interview

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Jun 16, 202212 mins
How to Prepare for an Online Interview: 17 Video Interview Tips 

During this unpredictable post-COVID-19 era, the business has taken various measures to cope with the changing economic times. For example, companies had to transition to remote work and, for others, incorporate a hybrid work schedule. That’s why there has been a tremendous increase in video interviews, acting as a replacement for physical interviews.

If you plan to land on your dream using your smart gadget, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with some video interview tips. Such tips will aid you in making a good impression when taking part in a remote interview

Read this article and learn about:

  • How to prepare for an online interview

  • Video interview tips

  • The don’ts of video interviews

How to Prepare for an Online Interview: 17 Video Interview Tips 

If you’ve never attended a job interview via video, whether recorded or live, chances are you will soon: More jobs are incorporating this initiative into their recruitment process. 

The good thing about video interviews isn’t how they benefit the recruiters but how they also come in handy for the candidate. How? Continue below:

  • It puts the candidate at ease as they answer questions in a familiar setting

  • Allows the interviewee to display their passion and motivation via actions, emotions, and words

  • Videos help applicants display some of their soft skills that would otherwise be difficult to convey via the resume only

  • It might aid in rising one to the top of the stack bypassing the qualification of similarly well-qualified candidates 

Nevertheless, the video recruitment process can feel unnatural to some of us. In addition, it can require a somewhat different approach from a phone or even a face-to-face meeting. 

With that feeling in mind, here are 17 video interview tips to aid you in having a successful interview session. For easier reference, we will break the tips into three parts:

  • Before the interview

  • During the interview

  • After the interview

Before the interview 

These video interview tips tackle what to do once you get an appointment with the interviewer. They can work whether you start immediately after receiving the invite or a few hours before the video interview. 

Here are some tips to enact before the interview:

1. Conduct your Homework thoroughly

As with most endeavors, preparation is critical. This groundwork is especially handy when you have limited time to highlight your qualifications, which is usually the case with recorded video interviews. 

To overcome this limitation, you can conduct a thorough homework, researching on: 

  • what the organization is about

  • the requirements and roles of the job

  • what to leave out and what to portray when answering the interview questions

With the above pointers in mind, you will be more comfortable and able to appeal to the recruiter intelligently.

2. Prepare like you would in an in-Person Interview

A video interview is as real as an in-person interview. Besides the travel preparations, you still need to take the interview as if you were going to an office. 

You might also prepare questions to ask the interviewer if you need clarification on specific issues. 

3. Ensure the Video Interview Equipment is in Good Working Condition

Test your internet bandwidth, audio, and video ahead of time. You wouldn’t want to go offline, mute, or have a blank screen, especially during a live interview. Likewise, download any plug-ins or apps that you might need beforehand.

In terms of the internet bandwidth, it is advisable not to rely on Wi-Fi from an unfamiliar location. Remember, such connections can result in lag time and dropped feeds. Therefore, find a strong connection using your mobile data or a trusted internet provider.

4. Find a Location Free from Distraction

The location should be quiet, private, and tidy, preferably with a neutral background. 

It is also advisable to have nothing hanging on the wall behind you. You might not notice what is behind you, or you are even unbothered, but the recruiter might feel irked. 

5. Ensure the Interview Place has Adequate Lighting

Avoid using some overhead lighting as they can create harsh shadows. Likewise, avoid setting yourself next to a sunlit window; it may cause glare to your video.

When in a room lacking sufficient lighting, set a lamp to illuminate your face, roughly three feet from either side of the screen. 

6. Proper Position of the Video Camera

Have you ever face-timed with a person who is not entirely familiar with the video chat concept? Did you find it difficult explaining how to best position their camera or themselves? I know I have—

The best place to have your camera is when it is: 

  • just above the eye level

  • roughly at the top of the head

  • angled slightly downwards

After dealing with the camera placement, have your chin slightly raised while looking directly at the camera. 

We know our instincts would cause us to have eye contact with the image on the screen. Nonetheless, it is best to resist such instincts. 

Therefore, to check whether your camera positioning is okay, resize the video image, then move it as close to your webcam as possible. That act will help you determine the best position for yourself and the camera before the interview starts. 

7. Conduct some Test Runs

It is advisable to do some test runs several times before submitting your interview or before logging in to one. 

You can either practice using a mirror in front of you or ask a friend to help you. If you come across any dry runs, review them, and point out what needs fixing. You can even record the trial runs and send them to a friend. 

Ask them for honest feedback on how you come across, the setting, lighting, and sound quality.

During the interview 

After adequate preparation, what do you do during the actual interview? Here is how to go about it:

8. Appropriately Dress for the Occasion

Though you have heard the saying “do not judge a book by the cover,” it does not apply to formal settings. Why should you look unprofessional in a video interview, yet you’d have to be in proper attire in an in-person meeting?

Remember, just because you aren’t physically in an office doesn’t mean you should slack off looking professional. (The term “professional can vary from organization to organization. Thus, research on the business dress codes or look for other hints as to how the company’s workers dress for work)

When unsure about the dress code, go for subtle solids colors: busy prints and loud colors can be distracting.

9. Log into the Interview Ahead of Time

Just like you would go earlier for an in-person interview, the same applies when logging in for a video interview. 

As for a recorded interview submission, some prerecorded services supply you with video meeting tips and rules such as:

  • number of times to prerecord your answers (if using the service apps and software)

  • time limits to adhere to 

  • use succinct, short, concise answers

Nevertheless, you should take a deep breath, relax, and smile. Moreover, do not feel pressured to use up all the time allotted for the interview. 

10. Clear the screen

Clear your screen before the interview commences. The intelligent gadget shouldn’t have any other documents or programs open apart from the necessitated ones. 

Once done with the above, you can join the live interview meeting. 

11. Transcribe your Video Interview

You can transcribe your video interview meeting using the Airgram extension. The extension is a meeting productivity tool that can transcribe, record, and online document sessions. Here is how to go about it: 

  • Then click on the Quick Zoom recording or Quick Teams Recording

  • From there, paste the link into a section that will appear and hit the Start Recording button.

  • Afterward,in the Transcript section, you will be directed to the meeting detail page where you can check on real-time transcriptions during the meeting. And on the left, you can view the Notepad area for you to take notes.  

12. Start with a “Digital Handshake”

In an in-person interview, there is a period where the interview has begun, but it hasn’t started officially. This period involves walking in, shaking hands, making small talk, and settling in. 

For a video interview, you may implement a “digital handshake.” To do it, look right into the camera and forge a connection after saying a greeting. 

13. Recognize there are Differences

It is okay to acknowledge significant differences between a video discussion and an in-person meeting: Recognizing this fact can put you at ease. 

Start by mimicking those introductory moments. Moreover, don’t be afraid if something feels off— if you are having trouble hearing the interviewer or can’t see them well. 

In other words, speaking up can work for the better: it can show that you are a straightforward person who is unafraid to speak up whenever (vital) issues arise. 

14. Avoid Reading from a Set of Notes

Reading from a set of notes during an interview can be the stroke that breaks the camel’s back. In short, it can be a sure way for the recruiter to reject your application during recruitment.

Here is a summary of what reading from a set of notes portrays to the interviewer:

  • It is a rehearsed interview rather than a natural one

  • You are not confident in the role you are applying to

  • You might have insufficient skills or are exaggerating your past experiences

On top of the above pointers, the act may be distracting to the recruiter: the left-to-right movement of the eyes can interfere with direct eye contact. 

Therefore, during the interview:

  • Answer the questions from memory

  • You can write some pointers on a sticky note and attach it to the edge of the screen at the eye to aid you in glancing at the reminders discreetly

Remember, no in-person interview allows the interviewee to read from a script, so you shouldn’t do it via video either. 

After the interview 

Once the video interview is over, here are some tips to adhere to before signing off:

15. Conduct some Follow-up Questions

Once the interviewer says they have finished conducting the video interview, it is advisable to ask some questions of your own. 

You can start with some of the follow-up questions you created before the interview or things you want further clarification on. 

16. Give a Vote of Thanks

It is good to have virtual meeting etiquette. When you and the recruiter feel satisfied with the session, you can sign off by giving the board or the interviewer a vote of thanks. The vote of thanks should cover: 

  • acknowledging them for the chance of a video interview

  • pointers as to how you felt during the interview

  • saying that it was an honor being an interviewee in that virtual meeting

17. Share Transcripts and Notes via Email

You can use the Airgram to share and export the transcripts and notes via email. Here are the steps:

  • Open the Airgram web app and locate the Meeting Notes part and click on the drop-down part 

  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Recent section.

  • In the Recent tab, choose the meeting notes you saved during the video interview and click on it.

  • Then, locate the Share Icon and click it.

  • Finally, enter the email you want to share into the pop-up box and hit Send Invitation

You can utilize these video interview tips whenever there is an interview for you online.

Online Interview Tips on What Should You Not Do

Certain habits can derail or ruin your chances of conducting an interview or succeeding in one. Below is a list of some video interview tips of the don’ts:

  • Restrict other people from appearing in the vicinity of the screen. There should be no or minimal distractions in the periphery of the interview. This is for professional courtesy.

  • Do not feel afraid when asking the interviewer to repeat the questions. This will not only aid you in having clarity regarding the questions, but also it helps portray that you are confident and unafraid to raise (crucial) issues that might come up during work.

  • Wear decently, refraining from showing too much skin. The attire should be well-fitting, ensuring the clothes have no or minimal writing while avoiding wearing shimmers and sparkles.

  • Do not forget to be personable; be yourself. There is no need to pretend to be someone you are not and give a (negative) impression that you are a pretender who is dubious in securing a job.

  • Avoid being psychologically unprepared so you don’t get too anxious during the interview process.

What Next on Video Interview Tips?

Online video interviews are here to stay, especially with the continued acceptance of remote working. So, familiarize yourself with the concept by practicing the video interview tips above until they become second nature to you. 

For the interviewers, click on the link to get a quick guide on conducting exit interviews.

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Michael started his career as a product manager and then developed a passion for writing. He has been writing on technology, remote working, productivity, etc., hoping to share his thoughts with more people.

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