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Best 2 Ways to Transcribe a Microsoft Teams Meeting

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Jul 29, 20225 mins
Limitations of Teams' meeting live transcription feature

Microsoft Teams is a superb platform with excellent tools to make virtual meetings productive. In 2021, Teams took things to another level with the introduction of live transcription.

This is a more than welcomed development, as the video transcript improves clarity and makes it easy to catch up on missed points. What’s more, the transcripts are available for download, giving you something to fall back on after the meeting for reference. 

This guide will discuss two effective ways of taking live transcription of a Microsoft Teams meeting to ensure you can always take advantage of the superb feature.

Method 1: use Microsoft Teams’ live translation

Transcribing a meeting using Teams is simple but not straightforward, as conditions are attached. This section will highlight the criteria for using the transcription feature and explain the steps involved.

Limitations of Teams' meeting live transcription feature

  • Users with free Teams accounts can’t use the feature. 

You need to possess any of these approved licenses to transcribe Teams meetings: Office 365 E1, Office 365 A1, Office 365/Microsoft 365 A3, Office 365/Microsoft 365 A5, Microsoft 365 E3, Microsoft 365 E5, Microsoft 365 F1, Office 365/Microsoft 365 F3, Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Microsoft 365 Business Premium SKUs.

  • You can only use Teams transcription on the desktop app. 

  • GCC-High and DoD users aren’t qualified to use the feature.

  • The IT admin of an organization needs to enable the feature for you to make it work by visiting the Microsoft Teams admin center, going to the Meeting policies, and allowing transcription.

How to use Live Transcription in a Teams meeting? 

Below are the steps to follow to use live transcription in a Teams meeting:

  1. Once in a Teams meeting, navigate to the meeting toolbar at the top and select More actions (three horizontal dots).

  2. Select the Start transcription option. All participants will see a notice that the meeting is being transcribed.

start transcription in Teams

3. To stop the live transcription later, follow the same process and select the Stop transcription option instead.

That’s how to transcribe a Teams meeting and end it. Note that if you do not stop the transcription, it will stop automatically when no more participants are in the conference.

How to change the transcription language?

The transcript language must be the same as the language spoken in the meeting. Currently, Microsoft Teams supports 34 transcription languages, and the default one is English. But you can change it easily:

  1. Click the three-dots button at the top right corner of the transcript window.

  2. Choose Change spoken language and select your preferred language from the options displayed.

change transcript language in MS Teams

3. Finally, click the Confirm button to save the changes. The transcript will display in this language now.

How to download and view the transcripts?

Microsoft Teams meeting transcripts are immediately available for download in the meeting event on the calendar after the meeting. 

  1. Select the Calendar option on the left pane.

  2. Go to the meeting event you just attended and choose the transcript.

  3. Click the Download option above the transcript and choose a file type. The transcript is available in .docx or .vtt.

download Teams meeting transcript

Method 2: Live Transcribe Teams Meetings with Airgram (No Limits)

Airgram is a top-notch tool designed to improve productivity in meetings exponentially. 

Unlike other tools that only transcribe from recordings after the completion of the meeting, Airgram offers an accurate live transcription with auto speaker detection.

Besides, it automates the whole process from joining meetings and recording to note-taking and transcription.

In terms of meeting transcription, Airgram just ticks all the right boxes. 

  • Filter any speaker’s transcript specifically.

  • The AI technology will extract critical information from the transcript to help you understand it at a glance.

  • The transcripts can be edited and shared to keep everyone informed.

  • Airgram is not just limited to meeting transcription on Teams but is also used for Google Meet and Zoom with the same efficiency. 

Transcribe an instant Teams meeting: 

  1. Sign up for Airgram and log in. It offers 5 free recordings every month.

  2. Click the Quick Record button on the top right corner.

  3. Choose the Microsoft Teams option.

    record an instant meeting on Airgram

  4. Select the transcription language, paste the meeting link, and click the Start recording button.

paste Teams meeting link

With this, the Airgram bot will join your meeting and start transcribing in real-time!

Transcribe a scheduled Teams meeting

  1. Click Meetings on the left sidebar and locate the Teams meeting you want to transcribe.

  2. Click on the Record button and select Microsoft Teams.

start recording with Airgram‍3. Start recording your meeting with permission.

Meanwhile, Airgram provides a built-in Notepad, where your team can take and co-edit meeting notes, as well as assign action items to keep every team member aligned. ‍

After the recording has ended, you can now go ahead to your workplace and review it. Feel free to edit, highlight, and export the transcript and meeting notes with others.

export meeting transcript

FAQs about Teams Transcription

Q. How accurate is Microsoft Teams transcription?

A. Microsoft claims its live transcription has high accuracy thanks to cutting-edge technology. While this is true, there is a slight delay in displaying the transcription text after the speaker has spoken. 

But it makes up for this with the auto speaker detection, which displays the speaker's name next to the written text. So, in general terms, you can always rely on Microsoft Teams transcription.

Q. Why is my start transcription greyed out in Teams?

A. To use the "Start transcription" option on Microsoft Teams, you must either be the admin or have the same access as set by the IT admin.

Now, if you are the admin and still experience this issue, make sure you have one of the licenses listed by Microsoft. ‍

If this issue persists despite these licenses, log in to the Microsoft Teams admin center and check if the live transcription is allowed.  And if you just turned on the feature, know there is a 48 to 72 hours sync period before you can start using the feature.

Q. Can Teams transcribe without recording?

A. Yes, recording and transcription are two separate features in Microsoft Teams; you can record a Teams meeting without generating a transcription, and vice versa.


Live transcription in Teams meetings aids clarity and, in turn, productivity. Also, the transcripts available for download after the meeting can be seen as automated meeting notes. 

This article has covered everything live transcription in Teams meetings, discussing two methods of doing it effectively. We recommend using the automatic transcriber in Airgram because it eases the task and ensures you never miss a bit due to forgetting to activate the transcription. This program is a complete tool that automates everything in a virtual meeting.

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