20+ Team Meeting Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love

20+ Team Meeting Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love

Jul 07, 20225 mins
Virtual Team Meeting Ideas 

Did you know that around 55 million meetings are happening daily in the United States? 

Meetings are a necessary evil. For those who lead organizations and manage people, team meetings are pretty much what they do. 

So, why not up the fun quotient of your meeting and make it more dynamic. After all, there is no substitute for a good meeting, one that creates passionate and focused engagement.

Team-building activities are a great way to improve communication and team spirit and make your sessions more enjoyable. Let us look at some fun activities for different types of meetings. 

Virtual Team Meeting Ideas 

Virtual coworkers

With more people than ever working from home, virtual team-building activities help create strong teams that love to interact. Virtual team building focuses on creating human interaction for team members working remotely. 

Here are some virtual team meeting ideas that will keep your teammates engaged.

Organize a Virtual Potluck

Have a theme for the virtual party. Rather than going for a progressive dinner party or something planned, you can bring to the table anything related to the theme. 

For instance, if the theme is summer, you can delight in cool summer drinks, fresh salads, and fruit desserts and enjoy it online with your team.

Have Quick Virtual Icebreakers 

Using virtual icebreakers helps you bond with your colleagues. You can use icebreakers for your Monday morning check-ins or at the start of any meeting. 

You can also have a trivia quiz where you can gather interesting facts about each teammate and let everyone guess away. 

Play Online Office Games 

Research indicates that playing video games with your colleagues helps in boosting teamwork and performance in the office. Here are a few online games that you can enjoy with your team:

  • Team Building Bingo: Make a bingo card using the bingo template and have a quick game with the team.

  • Virtual Scavenging Hunt: This is an online game that keeps you up and running as you search for items or fulfill challenges.

  • Online Card Games: If you and your teammates are fans of classic games, you can have a fun session while playing these card games.

  • Skribblo: Your team can enjoy a drawing game where each player gets to be an artist.

  • Words with Friends: Have a wordplay session with your co-workers and have fun building crosswords.

Host Virtual Movie Nights

Movie buffs are everywhere, and you would also find them at your workplace. So, you can have an online hangout with your colleagues by sharing videos in real-time. Cloud-based services such as Kast allow you to share your screens with friends or colleagues and enjoy a great movie while relishing popcorn.

‍Daily Team Meeting Ideas

A daily meeting is referred to as a scrum or a huddle and is a great way to plan out tasks for the day. These meetings are short, but you can still add some activities to begin the day positively.

Take Time out to Compliment your Teammates

Start the meeting by complimenting the team members for any contributions they made recently. As people begin their day, they feel good to be appreciated for their efforts. Hearing positive words also makes people motivated to participate in meetings.

Minimize Updates 

If you have no questions or concerns about an update, it can simply be done via email to save everyone’s time. The facilitator can interrupt the person if they go off track and make time for only those updates that are valuable for the entire group.

Share a Quick Puzzle

Have a word search puzzle with three to four words. The first person to come up with the word gets the points. Quick puzzle activities such as this one help people have fun and get their brains pumped early in the morning. 

Have a Signature Sign Off

Come up with a team cheer that you can sing or play at the end of the meeting. It will help in fostering team spirit besides having some fun.

Weekly Team Meeting Ideas

Weekly team meetings can become monotonous if they start on the same note. So, keeping them live helps make them more meaningful and engaging. Here are some ideas to make your weekly team meets more enjoyable.

Have a Weekly Dress Code 

Make sure that everyone comes dressed up according to the theme. For instance, you can have a twin day at work and pair up co-workers to wear matching outfits.

Pick out a Word of the Day

Have a fun word for the day to make the meeting more engaging. Pick out a random word such as ‘vanilla’ and make everyone slip it into the usual conversation without anyone coming to know. 

The person who recognizes the word in a conversation gets the points. The person with the most points at the end of the meeting wins!

Play Have You Ever

It is a fun game that will add spark to your weekly meetings. Ask questions such as “ Have you ever dozed off while others were talking?” and people who have done this will raise their hands. 

You can get some good laughs with these questions:

Have you ever...

  • Cooked or cleaned the house on a call?

  • Hoarded office supplies?

  • Binge-watched a TV show in one sitting?

  • Ordered delivery from a place that was less than a mile away?

  • Trolled a person on social media?

Go for an Idea Board

Idea board

Provide the weekly agenda to the team ahead of time and let everyone come prepared with three to five ideas. Put these ideas on a board and have a brainstorming session where people share their thoughts on a particular idea and ask questions. 

Staff Meeting Ideas

Staff meetings have a more extensive gathering than team meetings as they involve people from different departments and sometimes all the company employees. 

Organize a Lunch and Learn

To break the monotony of staff meetings, you can have a Lunch and Learn session where everyone eats a meal together while simultaneously going through training or a seminar. It presents an excellent bonding opportunity for employees from different departments.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

You can divide the attendees into groups and send them out on a quest. They can stay in the office or move outside the building. The group that finds the maximum number of items wins. 

You would want to set a time limit, or the hunt might take forever! To make it more interesting, have a themed search, such as a Christmas Scavenger hunt, and make the participants spread some holiday cheer! After all, who wouldn’t like to know what Santa has in store for them this year!

Change the Meeting Spot

Do you always conduct your meetings in a designated room? If yes, then it is time to change the location as it can boost employee engagement. Once in a while, you can hold the meetings in a nearby cafeteria or a park and your coworkers will thank you for the refreshing environment.

Start the Meeting with a Win 

According to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), the first five minutes of the meeting are called check-in or a segue, and the idea is to begin the meeting with good news. It can be something personal or professional.

When the meeting begins on a positive note everyone feels good, right at the start creates a pleasant environment.

Team Meeting Ideas for New Employees

It is no secret that how companies bring new hires on board has a significant impact on their productivity and engagement. It is good to welcome the team with fresh and creative ideas that will help them build new connections and make them understand the company’s vision and culture.

Use Icebreakers

Icebreaker activities are the best way to get new employees to know each other better. You can simply ask questions or try activities such as these:

  • Find Five Things in Common: Break the new employees into groups and let them come up with five similar facts or interests. It helps keep the conversation going as people open up to each other.

  • Bucket List: Make your team members share one or two plans from their bucket lists. This is a great way to know people’s aspirations outside work and also a fun way to bond.

  • Pop Quiz: To get people more comfortable at the start of the meeting, you can have a pop quiz on the board. For instance, you can ask them to match the lyrics with a song or go for trivia related to movies, celebrities, and influencers. 

Make Learning More Fun

As the new employees go through your company’s mission and other necessary regulations, ensure that they do so in an enjoyable way. For instance, you can create a puzzle involving the mission statement and provide hints to the group to solve it. 

Share Your Personality

Make each member fill out a personality test and then discuss the results. This activity helps get to know your teammates’ strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Besides, you come to know the best teammates who can collaborate because of their personality traits. 

Also, you would know which employees prefer to get more individualized work. All in all, you get exciting insights that help build a solid team.

Have Group Coffee Breaks

Team interacting over coffee

A quick chat over coffee is one of the best ways to know more about your coworkers. It is the time to talk about something other than work, so go ahead and schedule five or ten-minute breaks between meetings, and your new hires will appreciate your effort.

Key Takeaways

Whether you have a remote, hybrid, or office team, having team-building activities encourages better communication that leads to increased productivity. Moreover, everyone loves to work in a fun environment, which keeps them motivated to work.

Follow these simple team meeting tips and tricks to make your meetings more enjoyable and foster a healthy workplace.

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