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20 Delightful Slack Apps Integration to Install [2023 Updated]

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Aug 27, 202212 mins
What are Slack apps

With the rising adaptation of remote working, there has been a phenomenal increase in businesses using remote working tools: Such remote working tools aid in conducting meetings, enhancing collaboration among workers, project management, communication, and much more. One such remote working tool is the Slack software which mainly focuses on communication. 

Due to the growing popularity of the Slack platform, it is incorporating a feature called Slack app integration to facilitate the collaboration of team members without having to leave the Slack app interface.

This article will focus more on the best Slack Integrations and how to add the best Slack app integration to your Slack app platform. 

What are Slack apps 

Slack is a virtual communication platform that facilitates remote team members to chat in real-time through direct messages and channels. It also allows for integrating Slack apps in addition to its regular features. 

So, what are Slack apps?

Slack apps are software integrations and bots that expand Slack’s cap, threads, and abilities and perform various tasks like:

  • scheduling video meetings

  • tracking customer payments 

  • synchronizing calendars

  • enhances workers’ engagement

  • facilitates the playing of fun virtual games among workmates

Now that we know what Slack and Slack apps are, let’s look at some of the best slack integration in the market, shall we?

 20 Best Slack Apps to Integrate with your Slack

There are many Slack app integrations available on the web. All have different characteristics and serve other purposes. Therefore, we shall group them into categories to better understand their uses and purposes. These categories are:

  • Project management

  • Note-taking 

  • Collaboration/Productivity

  • File management

  • Developer Tools

  • HR and team culture

  • Social and fun

The categories are more in numbers: However, we shall only investigate the ones above. In each listed one, we shall briefly describe the best Slack apps that adhere to each category. As you go through the lists, you might notice that some best Slack integrations can fit into multiple categories per their descriptions.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Project Management

1. Trello

Trello is a visual collaboration tool that aids in creating a shared perspective of any project. Integrating it into Slack will harness the power of productivity by creating a collaborative and seamless workflow between the two apps.

Use Trello with Slack to:

  • Enable the Slack teammates to join your Trello boards and teams in one click

  • Join Trello cards, attach conversations, and change due dates

  • Directly add new Trello cards using Trello add from Slack

The Trello Slack app integration falls into other categories: productivity, essential apps, intelligent bots, and remote work tools. 

Learn here more about Trello for Slack.  

2. Todoist

Todoist, utilized by over 20 million, is software that aids its users in organizing their life tasks, work tasks, and anything in between. Use it to free up your mental space and your Slack feed. Hence, with this Slack App integration, you can:

  • Create new tasks that contain the project name, labels, and the due date/time

  • Convert any slack message into a Todoist task

  • Delegate tasks to other teammates by updating the person on whom the duty falls on

This Slack App integration can also fall in the category of productivity.

To know more, visit the Todoist features webpage

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is productivity software enabling users to get things done in their personal and work lives. Here are some of its other benefits:

  • One can create new tasks right from their Slack feed

  • The software allows users to automatically send task updates to a Slack channel of their choice

ClickUp Slack app integration can classify categories into productivity and developer tools. 

Visit the ClickUp website to learn more.

4. Asana

Asana is a work management platform that aids teams in composing work, from cross-functional strategic initiatives to daily tasks. In other words, the software turns organizations into a living system of clarity where team members can view, collaborate, and execute their team’s objectives. 

With the Asana Slack app integration, one can:

  • Link a specific project in Asana to a Slack channel of your choice

  • View the task details

  • Change the assignee details

  • Complete given task

  • Add a due date to a project

  • Create a new Asana task without leaving Slack

  • Turn a slack message into an Asana task or by adding a directive into an existing job using the Actions option

The Asana Slack app can fall into working from home, productivity, and essential apps categories.

Here is a link to the Asan Guide to learn more about this platform.

5. Notion

Notion is an all-in-one workspace for notes, collaboration, and project management. When you integrate right into the Slack channel of your choosing, you can pipe updates and edits on any Notion pages. 

With the Notion Slack app integration, you will have a bird’s eye view of all the work in Notion. Remember to enable this Slack app integration from inside Notion.

You can also find the Notion Slack app in the productivity and, HR & team culture categories

Visit the Notion website page to learn more about it. 

Note Taking

6. Airgram

Airgram is a meeting productivity tool that can transcribe, take notes, record, and document web conferencing calls. Here is how to export notes into the Slack app:

  • Tap on the Export Transcript & Notepad button on the top right corner of the meeting detail page

  • In the Export Format section, select the Slack Message part. One can only send content in the Notepad to the Slack channel.

  • Proceed to select a slack channel that you want to share in 

  • You can then open Slack and check up on the meeting notes

To learn more about Airgram, visit its website page.

7. Evernote

Evernote is note-asking software. Once you integrate it into the Slack app, you can:

  • Note down an idea while in Slack, and it will automatically synchronize in Evernote

  • Search for Evernote from Slack, then share your notes directly into your chat while keeping the slack channels organized

  • Clip all docs, messages, and PDFs to Evernote to turn a Slack channel discussion into meeting notes

  • Simply copy and paste any note’s URL and post a preview in Slack

Evernote Slack app can also fit in the productivity and project management categories. 

Visit the Evernote website and learn more about them. 

8. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox paper is a software that allows the user to obtain feedback from the team. It also has a single space to help manage projects and enable the team to work together. The Dropbox Paper also allows a user to:

  • Gather ideas, then make plans on paper

  • Assign tasks and set deadlines to help the team focus efficiently

  • Make the work notes beautiful using its simple formatting options

  • Create tables (infographics)

  • Aids in turning conversation threads and channel updates into deliverables, project plans, and action items

With the Slack app integration, one can do the following without leaving Slack:

  • Create new docs

  • Search for other documents

  • Post a detailed preview of the papers to other teammates

This Slack App can also fall into design and project management categories. 

Visit the Dropbox Paper page for more information. 

Collaboration / Productivity

9. Outlook Calendar

The outlook calendar lets team members stay updated on remainders in Slack.

Other benefits of the Outlook calendar Slack app integration are:

  • Use the shortcuts button to create an event right from Slack

  • Notifies the user whenever an event is soon to start directly in Slack

  • Automatic synchronicity to your calendar, thus letting other team members know that you are out of the office, working remotely, or in a meeting 

  • Directly RSVP to event invitations or change your response as needed

  • Provides a holistic view of your daily schedule straight from Slack

However, there are some details you need to know about status sync:

  • Slack only synchronizes with the primary calendar of the connected Outlook account

  • It does not support on-premise SharePoint installations or Office 365 plans hosted on a Microsoft national cloud deployment 

  • Only events accepted by the user will trigger a status update in Slack

  • The status update doesn’t include the name of the meeting you need to attend

  • For overlapping events in your Outlook calendar, Slack will set your status to match events that start earlier or last longer than the others

  • The Outlook Calendar Slack app won’t override any status that you set by yourself

Other categories that the Outlook Callendar Slack app falls into include: enterprise-ready apps, office management, working from home, and communication. 

Learn more about Outlook Calendar by following the link.

10. Airtable

Airtable is a productivity tool that enables users to create their organizational databases to stay organized in their work environment. 

Features of Airtable include:

  • Sharing of survey forms 

  • Managing contacts or clientele

  • Tracking ideas or collections

  • Range of templates to get one started

  • Seamlessly integrates Slack for automatic posting of a message link whenever a user changes your database. 

You can also classify the Airtable Slack app in the project management category. 

Visit the Airtable page and learn more about it. 

11. Google Calendar for Team Events

Some of the benefits of using the Google Calendar for Team events include:

  • Posting updates whenever an event changes

  • Sending out reminders before the event commences

  • Placing summaries of the week’s events and current day’s 

Follow the link to help and support with Google Calendar for Team Events.

File Management

12. Google Drive

Google Drive Slack integration allows users to:

  • Import existing files from Google Drive into a direct message or a Slack channel of their choice

  • Get updates on changes in the Drive, such as access requests, comments, and new files shared with the user in Slack

  • Create new Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides

  • Automatically grant access to the right audience in the files they share

  • Direct reply to comment notifications from Slack which then posts directly to the file

  • Direct searching of Google Drive files shared in Slack 

Slack app integration categories that Google Drive can fit into include essential apps, remote working tools, and productivity. 

The Google Drive Slack app can also fit into remote work tools, essential apps, productivity, and project management categories

Learn more here about Google Drive for Slack

Developer Tools

13. GitHub

GitHub facilitates using slash commands to complete an action with an app by sending messages in Slack.

The GitHub Slack app can also fit in the productivity and project management categories.

To learn more about GitHub, click here for a list of examples using the Slash command.

HR & Team Culture

14. Simple Poll

As the name suggests, Simple Poll is a software that aids over 690,000 teams to make better decisions at a quicker rate by:

  • Quickly gauging the team’s preferences

  • Getting a sense of how team members are feeling

  • Staying updated on the progress of ongoing projects

The benefits of conducting polls often, especially in stand-up meetings, include:

  • Getting the thoughts of teammates within minutes instead of having to dig through Slack threads to get an answer

  • Minimal disruptions as there is no need to leave Slack and use external websites

  • Encourages team members to cast a vote either anonymously, real-time casting, limiting ballots, recurrent voting, or by adding a section for team members to post opinions in addition to their vote

  • Obtaining more insights by sending private, multi-question surveys through direct messaging

The Simple Poll Slack app can fit into various categories like productivity, intelligent bots, essential apps, social & fun, and enterprise-ready apps. 

For in-depth details about Simple Poll, click on the link.

15. Stand-up Bot

The Stand-up Bot is quite useful when it comes to daily asynchronous meetings. It has features such as:

  • Enables the answering of questions via voice, video, or text messages

  • Automates the workflow through daily huddle check-ins, backlog grooming, 360 feedback reviews, retrospectives

  • Extraction of data from MySQL, Redmine, Basecamp, PostgreSQL, and Wrike

  • Running multiple reports synchronously at worker’s time zones

  • Tracking business metrics, obstacles, and work progress 24/7

  • Saving repeated questions in a Q&A whenever needed via Slack

  • Integrable into Trello, Pivota, GitHub, JIRA Atlassian, and Google analytics HubSpot

  • Giving access to many world-class experts that can aid develop the team by obtaining answers to marketing, technology, and management questions

In other words, you can think of Standuply as a project manager that runs on autopilot. Therefore, it saves you time while helping you avoid costly mistakes. 

This app can fall into remote work tools, project management, intelligent bots, productivity, essential apps, and enterprise-ready apps categories. 

Click here and learn more about Standup Bot.

16. Polly

Polly is software designed to work in a world built for users to stay connected, where they respond quickly and can view results in real-time. 

Companies like Pure Storage, Zendesk, and DocuSign, believed to be forward-thinking, are trusting Polly with Enterprise Ready certifications that have:

  • 3d party pen-test

  • Custom data retention policies

  • SOC2 Type

  • Minimal Slack scopes

  • EU/US Privacy Shield

This Slack app integration offers:

  • Scrum meetings

  • Features such as reminders, analytics web dashboard, exports, anonymity, scheduling, API/webhooks, and trigger-based surveys

  • Engaging surveys

  • Automated onboarding feedback

  • Single and multi-questions polls that are free

  • Social games

The Polly Slack app integration can fall into essential apps, remote working tools, productivity, enterprise-ready apps, and social &fun categories.

Want to know more? Visit the Polly website page

17. Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform that lets users communicate using hashtags and posts with a maximum of 140 characters per message. 

By integrating Twitter into Slack, you can stay on top of discussions happening on the social media platform. The integration also allows users to:

  • Post tweets to a channel of your choice using your Twitter Account(s)

  • Expand the shared Twitter URLs to display the attached media and full tweet

Twitter Slack integration can also fall under customer support, essential apps, and media & news categories.

NB: This integration does not support the use of protected Twitter accounts.

Click here to register for a Twitter account

18. GameMonk

GameMonk is a game-focused software that provides a fun and quick 90-second break from a work day. The game breaks up the monotony, aiding in stirring up the creative juices, and thus bringing the team closer. Their current games include:

  • Trivia: involves asking multiple choice trivia questions

  • Categories: get a class and name as many as one can within 60 seconds, with the hello of hint, of course

  • Giphy: get a GIF and guess what hashtag it is related to. Use the name more to get more images, or tell me to indicate that you have given up.

Visit the GameMonk website and learn more. 

19. Giphy

Giphy is the world’s most extensive library of animated GIFs, making it quicker to find and share on the internet. The integration will enable the user to use the “/giphy” slash command to display a specific type of GIF in your Slack channel. 

Giphy is a free Slack app integration that can also fit into the essential app category.

Learn more here about Giphy for Slack.

20. Disco

The main aim of Disco is to be a culture platform for remote teams. It helps team members foster team appreciation, celebrate value-driven work, and measure the level of engagement around an organization’s culture.

In other words, Disco Slack app integration helps users:

  • Recognize the contribution of employees daily, as desired by the user

  • Nominating through a streamlined and crowdsourcing Strategy that aids in uncovering the next-level cultural achievements

  • Measure, enhance, and cultivate a culture using worker engagement drivers in real-time

The Disco integration can also fit into remote working, intelligent bots, HR &team cultures, and essential apps.

NB: All the features above are available in your free Slack App trial. Moreover, the software tends to create a Disco account automatically once you install it.  

Learn more here about Disco.

How to Add a Slack App 

To install any Slack app integration, below are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the Slack Page and find the Slack App Directory in the left sidebar

  • Explore the directory and then click on the Add to Slack button of the App you want to integrate

  • Then, adhere to the prompts for installing the app. You might need to connect your existing account.

For more information on how to manage the app securely and smartly, here is an admin’s guide to the management of app(s).

Final Remarks on Best Slack Integrations

Slack is one of the most influential and effective virtual communication platforms in the market today. That’s why millions of users are utilizing it in both their work and private life. The platform enables the integration of other productivity apps to enhance Slack capabilities.

As per the post, you’ve seen there are varieties of best Slack integrations available. Moreover, the article doesn't mention many of the best Slack apps plus categories. If you’d like to see more of them, click this link

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