9 Grand Meeting Ice Breaker Games for Remote Teams in 202
meeting icebreakers for remote teams

9 Grand Meeting Ice Breaker Games for Remote Teams in 202

Aug 07, 20228 mins
What are Meeting Ice Breakers? 

9 Grand Meeting Ice Breaker Games for Remote Teams in 2022

With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting the typical workflow and increasing the urge for companies to have remote work teams, it is time to embrace this trend within your business. 

In this article, learn how to break the tension of team members during the meeting by utilizing the listed ten grand meeting ice breaker games that will work in 2022.

However, first things first.

What are Meeting Ice Breakers? 

Though some already understand what meeting ice breakers are, it wouldn't hurt to mention the definition again, would it? So, what are meeting ice breakers?

Meeting ice breakers are a series of questions, activities, or prompts used to break the icy tension felt between and among individuals. Their main aim is to get people to know each other, relax and meaningfully contribute to the agendas of the discussions.

9 Awesome Meeting Ice Breaker Games for Remote Teams

  1. Espionage

The Espionage game is a high-stakes spy mission that can run in person or virtually. It involves subtle sabotage, showing off high-tech gadgets, solving various puzzles, and uncovering the identity of the spies before time elapses.  

In other words, the game's main aim is to identify double agents within a team, and its rule is to make the identification within 90 minutes.

The benefits of the Espionage Game include:

  • Easy bookings of the game

  • Offers a fun, engaging, and social experiences

  • Experts are designing the game dynamics themselves

  • Builds up the cohesion of a team through enhancing the connections between the members

  1. Virtual Scavenger Hunts

This game is also known as Virtual Treasure Hunt, Online Scavenger Hunt, or Digital Scavenger Hunt

As the name suggests, participants play these virtual scavenger hunt games remotely. The objective of the hunt is for players to fulfill challenges or find items within a stipulated period. Furthermore, the aim of these games is not only to have fun but also to entice the participants to engage more with each other.

One example of these games is the Who Scavenger Hunts. Developed by the Microsoft Team, the game incorporates the platform's unique features. 

Who is a bot located within the Microsoft Teams? This Who bot allows for quick searches within a company's directories and then asks the participants to answer questions like:

  • Who is person x?

  • Who reports to whom?

  • Who else has the same manager? 

  • Who knows about subject x or person y?

  • Who works with?

The advantage of this game is its customization ability: The leader might incorporate the above commands or create others to help the participants learn more about their comrades. One can also combine prompts like "who knows how to do CPR, who works with Jonathan, or who reports to Herod.

The best rule in this game is to introduce a timer and later award the first team member who answers the questions correctly.

If you are having trouble coming up with good scavenger hunt ideas, follow the link and open yourself to an endless list of activities.

  1. Would You Rather

This meeting ice breaker game has been around for a long time. The essence is a player asking weird questions, and then participants take turns answering.

To play the game, its moderator will:

  • first, come up with a list of several would you rather questions 

  • then, write the formulated question onto different (virtual) cards

  • finally, they will label each card with a number

  • Afterward, the facilitator asks each participant to choose a card number and proceed to ask the question contained on the card.

During this process, each player will have a chance to answer their selected question. Alternatively, the facilitator can use a generator to create prompts. They may ask the team members to come up with a list of their own. 

One of the pros of Would You Rather questions is its ability to stir up interests while aiding the team members to discover what their counterparts value. 

Follow the given link for a list of other Would You Rather questions.

  1. Two Truths, One Lie

This meeting ice breaker game is another ancient game that is common, especially amongst the youths.

To play the game, each team member will share three sentences about themselves. Two of those statements are true, and the remaining one is a lie. The work of the other participants is to figure out which statements are factual and which one is a lie. Once the attendees make their guesses, the presenter reveals the correct answers and then passes the questioning mantle to another member.

This game best suits an established team. Nonetheless, if your team is relatively new to each other, then it is advisable to let the participants interact first. Then you can group them into breakout rooms of fours or five. 

Here is a link to one example of the Two truths, One Lie that's free to use.

  1. Bingo

Bingo is a game common to the nations located in the Asian continent. 

Nevertheless, here is how to play the Team Bingos:

  • Start by distributing game boards to the team members

  • Next, decide whether the meeting ice breakers are for a series of sessions or if it is a one-off discussion

  • The task of the participants is to mark a square whenever they observe a mentioned behavior within the discussion

When using the Microsoft Team Bingo, be sure to randomize the squares:  this ensures that not every participant wins at once. The main advantage of this game is its ability to drive the participants to pay close attention to their peers in the hope of scoring squares, thus enhancing their focus during the meeting.

  1. Charades

This game is known for brightening participants’ moods using meeting ice breakers. 

To play the game, the facilitator asks a performer to act out a word or sentence while remaining silent throughout the acting. Then, the rest of the team members will have to figure out the information about the performer's gestures. In other words, this game aims to communicate the message without using any words. 

When dealing with large groups, splitting them into smaller groups of about five members is best. Remember, this game is appropriate for all ages. Hence, both institutions and organizations can utilize it in their team-building exercises. 

For those needing a charades prompt generator, click on the link.

  1. GIF Story Challenge

The creation of the GIF feature has tremendously improved the way people communicate with each other online. GIF allows users to send reactions in a fun way that would otherwise fail in describing the emotional aspect of the respondent when they use words (or emojis).

To play the GIF Story Challenge, here is what to do:

  • Split the participants into suitable teams

  • Task each team with telling a tale concerning a song, famous book, TV show, movie, or an original story

  • Then, give the teams a workable duration for them to select and strategize the GIFS

  • Afterward, call each group to present their story via a chat

  • Finally, the other opposing teams will take turns in guessing the story portrayed by the GIFS

  • Repeat the process with the other teams

For every correct answer, award teams with a point. You can also award extra points for humor, creativity, and excellent use of the GIFS. 

This meeting ice breaker game offers the benefit of using standard technology communication features to enhance the cohesion of team members. 

  1. Online Team Building Quizzes

These games are pretty straightforward. 

Start by creating meeting ice breakers quizzes using a Forms app. The Forms app function facilitates one to create and share surveys, quizzes, and polls. You may keep votes anonymous or display the results instantly when making the forms. 

Feel free to make the game fun or assign participants scores for each correct answer. 

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen

This game is a fun, virtual meeting ice breaker that tends to test attentiveness. Its aim is for participants to pay close attention to words that start with the same letter as their gender. Whenever the moderator mentions a word that begins with L, the ladies stand up, and the men remain sited. Vice versa, whenever the facilitator says a word starting with G, the gentlemen stand up, and the ladies remain sited.

For instance, the moderator can state a sentence like, "Though Laurel is a gentle person, he gets disgruntled whenever a person takes advantage of the loss of another."

In the subsequent rounds, the facilitator can change the genders into, for example:

  • male or female

  • man or woman

  • he or she

Remember, all the members should be standing at the beginning of this meeting ice breakers game. Then, no two groups can do the same action simultaneously.

Another benefit of this game is the ability of the moderator to divide the group into departments, geographical regions, time zones, and so forth.

Final Remarks on Meeting Ice Breakers

Meeting ice breakers are a way to 'break the icy tension' that may be present in a discussion forum. They also help ease the participants into the session by allowing them to feel comfortable with each other. Furthermore, the ten meeting ice breaker games can also help increase the team members' alertness and focus.

Below is a list of meeting ice breakers you can utilize:

  • If the robots take over, would you live by their rules, or would you rather die?

  • Between outdoor activities and indoor games, which would you prefer?

  • Is there something you'd want to include on your bucket list, but it feels next to impossible to achieve?

  • Would you prefer a cold winter or a hot summer?

  • How would you rekindle the embers of a dying love?

  • Do you prefer hiring for services or DIY?

  • Where would you prefer to work between the government institution and the private sector?

For a more comprehensive list of meeting ice breakers, follow the link and enjoy the plethora of varieties.

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