How to Welcome a New Employee
how to welcome a new employee

How to Welcome a New Employee

Ranee ZhangJun 03, 202210 mins
What is a good welcome message?

In the post-pandemic era, more employees than ever are working remotely. Physical welcome days showing the employee around the office – including the mandatory localization of the coffee machine – are soon a thing for the museum showcases. 

As a consequence, employers need to know how to welcome a new employee virtually. 

And the onboarding process is important – a great onboarding makes people more willing to stay with the company. In fact, a whopping 88% of employees believes their employer does NOT do a great job onboarding new people. 

And you want your company to be among that 12% offering an excellent onboarding experience since companies with strong onboarding increase employee retention by 82%. 

In this article, we’ll look at how to ensure your new team member feels welcome and appreciated from day one – even if you’re not physically meeting up. We’ll also go through some welcome message examples to send to your new employee. Let’s dive in!

What is a good welcome message?

A good welcome message makes the employee feel welcome and appreciated. This is achieved by finding the right balance between support and challenge. 

It’s like preparing the perfect caffè latte: you need the edge from the coffee, challenging them to come up with ideas and fresh perspectives from day one. But also the smooth milk as in telling them you’re there for them and that it’s normal to have (many) questions. The ensemble should be filtered through the culture and tone of your company.

All of this can be conveniently conveyed through a carefully crafted welcome message. However, there’s no need to spend hours figuring out how to write the perfect welcome email. We’ve taken the headache out of the equation and provided you with 15 stellar example messages! 

But first things first – let’s look more in detail into the building blocks of the perfect welcome message.

How do you welcome a new employee in an email?

Show your support

Let your new employee know that they can reach out to you – and any team members of concern – at any time. Let them know the messaging etiquette at your company. Is email or direct messages the preferred way of communication? Sorting this out from day one can save a lot of frustration. 

Challenge them to share their perspective

You probably hired someone hoping to get a fresh perspective and suggestions for how to do things better. Let them know that it’s safe for them – and also appreciated – to share their feedback, even if they’re not 100% confident they have a better solution. 

Encourage them to take initiatives

No one wants employees who are just passively waiting for instructions. However, if your employees fear repercussions for making mistakes, it limits their creativity. Let your new recruitee know there’s no such thing as trying and failing – only doing and tweaking. People learn much faster from getting their hands dirty than watching and waiting. 

A great welcome message should light a fire under your new hire and have them ready to roll in no time!  

Bonus: Tell them why you hired them

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Make your new employee feel recognized from the start by sharing why you chose to hire them in the welcome email. It also motivates them and gives a confidence boost and a clear direction of where they should focus.

How to welcome a new employee to the team?

A successful onboarding of a new employee in your team starts before their official start date. 

Before starting:

  • Once they have accepted the offer and signed the contract, reach out to them and express your excitement that they are joining your team.

  • Prepare an onboarding schedule. Make sure to coordinate with any coworkers involved in trainings.

  • Send an official welcome letter from your company (the hiring manager and HR team). Include start date and time, location (if online – link to relevant video calls or logins), contact details to you or any other person responsible for recruitment, and additional relevant details.

  • Assign a mentor to your new recruitee. This should ideally be a person who’s not a supervisor or in charge of evaluating the employee's performance. 

  • Make sure that everything practical is prepared before their arrival. If the new hire are working remotely, and have received a company computer, check that their laptop has been sent to them with relevant programs installed.

  • Check that they have been granted access to email software and essential programs.

  • Double-check with all the employees involved in the onboarding. 

 First day:

  • The first day should be all about (virtually) meeting or being introduced to new people – without overwhelming your new hire. 

  • Rather than filling the day with administrative tasks and filling in forms, the social aspect should be center stage. Organize the day to help your new employee bond with their new colleagues and mentor.

First week:

  • Successively introduce your new employee to their new colleagues – either by scheduled meetings as part of the onboarding plan or by encouraging your team members to schedule a call or at least send a message to the newbie. 

  • Make a company announcement in the internal newsletter and on messaging platforms like Workplace or Slack. Encourage everyone in the team to reach out to and greet the new employee, especially if they haven’t had a personal introductory meeting.

Examples: 15 awesome welcome messages to welcome a new team member 


  1. Hi John!

Welcome to the team! We’re so excited to have you on board and can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish. 

As a reminder, your first day is on June 8. You’ll get an email shortly with the Zoom link for the first call with me. I’ll also send over the onboarding schedule covering the activities for the first two weeks (if you can, block Friday night for virtual wine & cheese night!).  

If you have any questions, feel free to email or WhatsApp me. Once again, we’re so happy to have you in and look forward to getting started on our adventures together!

Welcome aboard!

Anne Watson

Longer message

  1. Dear John,

On behalf of RemoteCompany, I’d like to take this chance to welcome you to the team. We trust that your skills and expertise will be a valuable contribution to our success, and we look forward to reaching our next milestone together.

Here’s what you can expect on your first day at RemoteCompany:

9:00 Orientation call with Jane (your hiring manager)

10:00 Introduction to the team, CEO, and CRO

11:00 Coffee break

11:15 One-on-one time with Eric (your team leader)

12:00 Lunch break

1:00 Introduction to Asana and Slack with Sophie (HR representant)

1:30 Introduction to ongoing projects and your first assignments with Jane

2:30 Get started with writing your first blog post

Tasks to accomplish:

  • Call the HR department to activate your email account

  • Check that your assigned credentials work for all the platforms (listed in a separate email)

  • Upload a photo of yourself on your Workplace profile

  • Schedule a call with Matt at the IT department 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me on (email). Once again, it’s a pleasure to have you on board, and we look forward to collaborating.



Shorter messages from the HR

  1. Thank you for choosing to accept our offer. The whole team is thrilled to have you on board. On behalf of the HR department, I hereby extend my warmest welcome.

  2. We strive to hire only the best, and it’s an honor to have you among us. We’re excited about what the future holds and what we will co-create. We trust that you’ll embrace our company culture and will quickly be a valued part of the team. Welcome to your first day!

  3. We’re glad that you chose to join us! Our CEO was impressed by your performance during the interview. We trust that your competency and skillset will help propel the company forward. 

  4. Congratulations on your new role as the copywriter at RemoteCompany! We trust that someone with your background will be a valuable asset and contribute with new perspectives. 

  5. It’s a great win to have you on the team! We couldn’t have imagined a better fit. Welcome to RemoteCompany! 

Shorter messages from the hiring manager

  1. We are impressed by your leadership qualities and profound knowledge of email marketing funnels. We are confident that you will be a valuable asset to the team. Welcome to RemoteCompany!

  2. Congrats! You’ve joined an awesome team that works smart and hard with a big heart. Let us take this company to new heights together. 

  3. We are proud to have someone with your impressive skillset join our company. We are positive that with your contribution, we’ll reach new milestones together. Welcome to your first day.

Shorter messages from colleague/team lead

  1. Welcome to your first day! You’re a great addition to the team, and we want you to know that you have our full support and trust.

  2. It’s amazing to have a talented and promising person like you on board. We can’t wait to collaborate and brainstorm new fantastic ideas. Welcome to the team!

  3. Welcome to the team. Everyone is excited to meet you and have you on board. Your contribution and unique perspective are highly welcome. All the best, and welcome aboard!

  4. Congratulations on accepting the job offer, John! With your background, you will be a great addition to the team. Welcome on board!

  5. Congratulations on joining our team, John! We can’t wait to share many wins and successes!

Some final words

To welcome a new employee is a different game in today’s digital world. Setting the stage from day one is as important virtually as in a physical setting to keep top talent. 

Ultimately, what constitutes a well-written welcome email varies somewhat depending on your company culture. Your welcome email should encourage and establish expectations, that is, inspiring your new hire to do a great job from day one.

Ranee Zhang

Ranee is the Head of Growth of Airgram and has rich experience in the SaaS field. She developed a passion for writing as a young girl and believed the written word could unlock doors as well as the imagination.

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