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How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting (In Google Calendar/Outlook)?

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Jul 28, 20225 mins
How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting and Invite Others?

Work from home has set up new trends in the world, including video conferencing, and the most infamous has been Zoom, with 300 million daily users. Why, you ask? Because it has provided people with innovative ways to stay in touch, whether for a team meeting, online teaching, or simply catching up with friends and family.

With Zoom being the most relied-on video conferencing application, those who have not yet become acquainted with it have come out with the question: how to set up a Zoom meeting. 

This comprehensive guide will lead you to set up a Zoom meeting quickly, even using Google calendar or Outlook.

How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting and Invite Others?

Nowadays, setting up a zoom meeting is an essential part of virtual team collaboration in companies. Follow the steps below to become a Zoom pro.

Step 1: Create a Zoom account

As hosting a Zoom meeting requires an account, go to the Zoom sign-up page and enter your email address to create a Zoom account. You will receive a verification email; click 'Activate Account', and it’s done.

Step 2: Start or schedule a meeting

Sign in to your account on the Zoom web portal or desktop client.

Click on the 'New Meeting' option if you want to start a meeting immediately; but if you want to schedule a Zoom meeting for later, click 'Schedule' instead and fill out the meeting details in the form.

scehdule a Zoom meeting

Step 3: Invite other participants to join a meeting

  • Invite others during a meeting

If you have already entered the meeting room, click the ‘Participants’ option > ‘Invite’. You can invite other participants by email, from Contacts, or manually copy the invitation link.

invite others to a Zoom meeting

  • Invite others to a scheduled meeting

Click the 'Meetings' tab on the navigation menu. Then select 'Copy Invitation' and forward it to the invitee's email or WhatsApp message.

copy Zoom invitation

How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting in Google Calendar?

If you are an avid user of Google Calendar, you may want to combine Zoom with Google Calendar. You can quickly add a Zoom meeting to a calendar invite in two ways.

1. Use the Google Calendar App

Step 1: Open Google Calendar and click on the ‘Create’ option > ‘Event’. (You can also directly choose a time block to create an event)

create an even in Google Calendar

Step 2: Click the ‘Add video conferencing’ tab and select Zoom Meeting. Then click on the ‘Save’ button.

add a Zoom meeting in Google calendar

Step 3: Click on the calendar entry provided in the Google Calendar and click on the details to view the Zoom link.

schedule a Zoom meeting in Google Calendar

2. Use the Zoom Scheduler extension 

This extension allows participants to schedule Zoom cloud meetings directly from Google Calendar. A Zoom account is required to access this function.‍

Step 1: Search on Google and install the Zoom Scheduler extension to Chrome.

Step 2: Click on the Zoom icon located in the upper right corner of the browser window, then click the Sign in with Google button.

Step 3: Now click on the Make it a Zoom meeting button; fill in the meeting details and it’s done.

use Zoom Scheduler in Google Calendar

How to Set Up a Zoom Meeting via Outlook?

These instructions will show you how to schedule a Zoom meeting via Outlook add-in, either the desktop client or web app.

Step 1: Make sure you have installed the Zoom for Outlook add-in.

Step 2: Launch your Outlook web calendar (or open the Outlook desktop client and switch to calendar view) and click on ‘New event.’

create new event in Outlook

Step 3: Enter details about your event, including title, attendees, time, description, etc.

Step 4: Click on the three dots on the upper right of the toolbar and select ‘Zoom’. Another sidebar will open, prompting you to click on the ‘Add a Zoom Meeting’ option.

set up a Zoom meeting in Outlook

Step 4: Sign in with your Zoom credentials and get started.

Pro Tip: Auto-join Zoom Meetings using Airgram

Admit it, it happens that you are supposed to join a Zoom meeting, but you forget it completely because Zoom is not showing upcoming meetings. You don’t need to worry anymore, as the Airgram software will auto-join all your Zoom meetings once set up.‍

Step 1: Sign into Airgram and click your profile picture on the bottom left corner, then select Integrations.

Airgram profile

Step 2: Find the Zoom app and then click on Connect and sign in to your Zoom account to finish the integration.

connect Zoom with Airgram

Step 3: Click on Zoom Meeting on the left panel. You will see the option of Auto Join Zoom meeting, click on its tab and select the 'Join all Zoom meetings I host' option. 

auto join Zoom meeting with Airgram

After this step, your process is complete. When you host a meeting on Zoom, Airgram's AI assistant will automatically join your instant Zoom calls or scheduled ones.

Apart from that, the Airgram meeting assistant can record every Zoom meeting with a real-time transcript. It supports various languages like English, French, Japanese, etc. You can now concentrate on

the meeting without worrying about missing details. Besides, Airgram comes with a list of meeting agenda templates that your team can take advantage of to make the most of every meeting.

Final Words

With Zoom being the top-most used application in the world following the pandemic, it's essential to understand how we can set up a Zoom meeting by integrating it with various applications. A few factors might make the process of directly integrating Zoom a little confusing, that is where Airgram steps in to save the day!

As a user, Airgram enables you to efficiently enjoy engaging in meetings by using features that make the process much easier. Depending on this platform might enable you to stay updated on your meetings by transcribing, documenting, and recording them.

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