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How to Record Google Meet on PC and Phone [Full Guide]

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May 26, 20229 mins
Who Can Record a Google Meet Call?

The past two years have witnessed an exponential increase in Google Meet Users with the onset of covid-19 since many companies and schools are switching to Google Meet for online meetings or classes. I bet you are one of them.

Still not familiar with the software and trying to figure out how to record a Google Meet call? No worries, this article will walk you through the complete steps to record Google Meet, with or without permission.

Without further talking, let's begin.

Who Can Record a Google Meet Call?

Currently, Google Meet doesn’t offer a recording feature to everyone. There are two requirements to be met if you want to record a video meeting.

Firstly, you must be granted recording access by the Google Workspace administrator and either be the meeting host, co-host, or within the same organization as the host.

Secondly, your team will have to be registered to the following Google Workspace editions:

●        Essentials

●        Enterprise Starter, Essentials, Standard, or Plus

●        Business Standard or Plus

●        Workspace Individual Subscriber

●        Education Plus (Starting on January 10, 2022, all customers using Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals or Standard will no longer have access to the recording feature in Google Meet.)

●        Teaching and Learning Upgrade (Available to users having a "Learning and Teaching Upgrade" license)

What if you have no permissions but still want to record a Google Meet video call? You can always rely on a reliable Google Meet recording tool that captures your video calls in high quality.

How to Record Google Meet on Laptop

If you’ve met all the requirements above, simply sign in to your Google Meet account and follow the steps below to record Google Meet as the meeting host or participant.

NOTE: Google Meet recording is only available on PC. To record a Google Meet call on mobile devices, you can move directly to the later part of this article.

Step 1: Start or join a Google Meet call.

Step 2: At the bottom right of your screen, select the Activities icon > Recording.

start recording Google Meet

Step 3: Click on Start Recording. A new window will open to let you confirm; select Start

Your recording will begin in a moment. After the recording starts, all participants will be notified, and a record icon will display on the top left of the screen. 

record Google Meet

Step 4: To stop a recording, click the Activities icon again and then choose Recording > Stop Recording. Nonetheless, the recording will stop automatically once the meeting ends. 

The Google Meet software will automatically save the recordings to the meeting organizer’s Google Drive inside the Meet Recordings Folder. 

Additionally, a recording link will be sent to the person who started the recording and the meeting organizer via email or attached to the Google Calendar if the meeting was scheduled.

What can you record in a Google Meet recording?

When you check the meeting recordings afterward, you may find that certain information is not recorded, and that’s because Google Meet has limitations.

What gets recorded:

  • The active speaker

  • Files presented 

  • Screens shared

  • Chats during meetings

What's not recorded:

  • Live captions

  • Other open windows

  • Notifications 

How to Record Google Meet without Permission

Recording online meetings has become necessary for many organizations as a recording provides a reliable source of information. Unfortunately, as we have pointed out, Google doesn’t empower all GMeet users to do so.

However, this one simple way to record any Google Meet calls without requiring permission from the Admin and for free: using a meeting recording software like Airgram.

This meeting management tool is all you need to record, transcribe, and document your meetings and organize the meeting records in one workplace. With Airgram, you don’t need to switch between different tools to get all these done.

Advantages of recording Google Meet calls with Airgram:

  • Automated transcription that converts all conversations to text in real-time

  • Record Google Meet as a participant without permission

  • Capture meeting video and audio in 1080p high quality

  • Integrated notepad to collaborate on meeting notes and set action items

  • You can download, clip, and share the meeting recording with others easily

Record a Google Meet call manually using Airgram

Step 1: Install the Airgram Extension for Google Meet for free and log in to your Airgram account.

Step 2: Start or join the Google Meet meeting you want to record on your computer browser.

Step 3: Click the Start Recording button that appears automatically at the bottom right of the screen.

start recording button of Airgram extension

Step 4:  You’ll need to admit the Airgram assistant to join the meeting for first-time use, and the assistant will join in and start recording with real-time transcription.

record Google Meet with Airgram

Step 5: Whenever you want to stop, simply click on the Stop Recording button and you will have immediate access to this meeting recording in your Airgram workspace. 

Record a Google Meet video automatically with Airgram

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by too many meetings and decide to get the meeting recorded without being there personally, is this possible?

Sure, the Airgram tool offers a feature called “auto-join” that will send an assistant to automatically join your Google Meet calls and start recording. Once the meeting ends, it will send you an email with access to the meeting recording and notes.

Note: To use this feature, make sure you have connected Airgram to your Calendar and have scheduled the meeting.

Below are the easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Login and launch the Airgam app.

Step 2: Click your profile on the bottom left corner and select Integrations. 

Airgram app integrations

Step 3: Sync your Google Calendar or Outlook calendar to Airgram so that it can record the scheduled meetings.

Step 4: Click Auto-join Meetings on the left-side panel, then select Auto-join Google meetings.

Auto-join Google Meet with Airgram

You can choose to either join all calendar events with the Google Meet link or join only the meetings that you have invited the Airgram assistant ( as a guest.

That’s it. The Airgram assistant will automatically join the Google Meet calls at a specific time.


‍How to Record a Google Meet on Phone

Since the GMeet recording feature is only available on computers, you’ll need a different way to record Google Meet on mobile devices. Fortunately, there are built-in tools you can use to record a Google Meet video, whether you are using an Android or iPhone.

Record a Google Meet meeting on Android phone

Step 1: Join the Google Meet meeting via a shared invitation link.

Step 2: Swipe from the top of the screen and turn on Screen recorder. Accept its request for access to your device.

enable Android Screen recorder for Google Meet

Step 3: Tap on the microphone's symbol to record any screen activity with audio.

Step 4: Once the meeting ends, tap the red Recording icon to stop it. Then you will find the meeting recording in the gallery.

Record a Google Meet on iPhone

iPhones also have a built-in screen recorder that enables you to record Google Meet sessions. Follow the below step-by-step instructions to get started.

Step 1: Open the Google Meet application and join the meeting you want to record.

Step 2: Swipe from the bottom of your iPhone' screen to access its Control Center, then press the Record button (red circle).

start Google Meet screen recording on iPhone

Step 3: Tap on Start Recording, and the recording is on the go. The recorded file will automatically be saved in iPhone's gallery when you stop screen recording.

Google Meet Recording FAQs

Do you still have questions about how to record Google Meet events from your device? Our FAQ section will cover the most concerning questions to solve your problems.

Why can't I record on Google Meet?

First, you need to confirm that you meet the requirements to record Google Meet. 

  • Your team has the required Google Workspace editions, and the Admin has allowed for meeting recording.

  • You are the meeting organizer or have permission from the organizer.

  • You’re using a desktop device.

Additionally, if you have an outdated version of the G-suite edition, it would be best to upgrade it to a workspace edition. This update might get you the recording feature since the recording function expired on all G-suite accounts on Sep 30th, 2022.

If all the above suggestions are not working, try troubleshooting the issues. Click here to learn more about troubleshooting the problems with meeting recordings.

Why is there no record button on Google Meet?

This problem is the same as “can’t record on Google Meet”. 

You also need to check the requirements for Google Meet recording and get the necessary permission.


How much does Google Meet usage cost?

Google Meet does not charge people to create and join calls; only a Google account is needed. (If you already registered for a Gmail email address, you won't have to create a new Google account.)

Still, certain Google Meet features are only available via a paid subscription to the G-suite application. Some of these additional features provided by the G-suite include:

●        24/7 online support

●        300 hours' worth of meeting length

●        International dial-in of phone numbers

●        Saving the meeting recordings into Google Drive

 How do you turn on/off Google Meet recording?

This feature is only available to a user registered as a Google Administrator Account. Yet, here is the method to utilize this feature:

  1. Go to the console page of the Google Admin.

  2. Click on Apps, then Google Workspace, and then Google meet.

  3. Next, click the Meet video settings and click on the record button.

  4. Here, you can uncheck or check the option. This action will determine if attendees can record the meetings or not.

  5. Finally, click Save to disable or enable the Google Meet video recording feature.

How to confirm you are recording a Google Meet call?

A recording indicator tends to appear at the top-left corner of the Google Meet Window when recording.

Remember, all meeting participants will be notified when someone is recording the meeting. Hence, it is courteous to inform them beforehand; do not assume they will all be okay if you don't alert them first.

Final Words on How to Record Google Meet

Knowing how to record Google Meet in 2022 doesn't have to be a hassle in these harsh economic times. 

Whether you are going to record Google Meet on a laptop or phone, this article has provided detailed steps to do so. Even if you want to record GMeet conferences without permission or without being there, you can always rely on the Airgram meeting assistant.

Just download the Airgram Extension onto your chrome browser: then enjoy the live transcription, collaborative notes, and an automated video recording for your Google Meet.

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