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How to Record a Zoom Meeting without Permission
Recording a Zoom meeting

How to Record a Zoom Meeting without Permission

Ranee ZhangSep 10, 20226 mins
Who can Record a Zoom Meeting?

With the increase of remote working in the post-COVID-19 era, zoom meetings have become part of the business fundamentals. 

Zoom users tend to record these discussions to recap them later. Others want to share the content with their team members who couldn't attend the forum.

We've got your back for those who don't know how to record a Zoom meeting.

Follow this article to learn how to record a Zoom meeting without or with permission. Also, we will cover saving, sharing, and accessing those Zoom meeting recordings.

Who can Record a Zoom Meeting?

As for Zoom users, both basic and subscription users can record a meeting. They can do this by utilizing the Zoom video conferencing tool. However, there are limitations to free users. For example, they can't record meetings on their phones. Also, they can only store their recordings locally, not in a cloud platform.

Nevertheless, as a basic or paid subscriber, you'll need to obtain permission from the host to record a Zoom meeting. Afterward, the host must click on Manage Participants' place at the bottom of their window. This clicking will reveal a list of the participants. 

Then they'll hover over the names until they locate the desired partner. Finally, they will tap More and select Allow Record from the drop-down menu.

Getting Started with the Meeting Recording

When recording your Zoom meetings, you will come across two types of recordings:

Local Recordings

The host reserves the right to initiate a Local Recording by default. However, if another participant wants to record, they'll need to obtain permission from the host during the meeting.

If the host is absent from the session, they need to set up a participant as the alternative host. That participant will therefore join as an alternative host automatically and be able to start recording at any moment they please. 

The Zoom app will save these recordings locally on the computer's hard disk. They will default be in the Documents folder in a zoom file. 

Remember, the automatic recording is off by default. Hence, you'll need to visit the settings and change them to enable it. 

Find out more on finding and viewing local recordings here.

Cloud Recordings 

The Zoom software stores Cloud recordings in the Zoom cloud. You can find the recordings in the recording tab of your Zoom web portal. You may password to protect it, download it, and share it with your desired parties. 

This recording feature is off by default. It is also available only to subscription users. Such Subscribers include:

  • Education

  • Business

  • Enterprise

The main advantage of this type of recording is the ability to record from your mobile device, PCs, and Zoom room. Click the link to learn more about starting a cloud recording.

To do cloud record without a host, do the following:

  • Select the Enable Join before Host option when scheduling the meeting

  • Enable the automatic Cloud Recording option for the meeting

There is an automatic enabling of the cloud recording for all paid subscribers. Nonetheless, they are also free to save a local recording as offered to the basic subscribers. 

Cloud recording also allows users to record the sessions using different recording layouts, including gallery view, active speaker, and shared screen. 

A user can configure these recording layouts using various cloud recording storage options. Moreover, these types of recordings are recordable on desktops and the Zoom app on Android and iOS.

Below are the prerequisites for starting a cloud recording in the Zoom app:

  • Subscription to a paid account

  • Obtain a license for usage

  • For iOS users, have the operating system being 3.5 or higher: same for Android users

  • Enabling cloud recording

  • Select the recording settings as desired

With that said, there are two ways of recording zoom meetings:

  • Using a meeting recording software 

  • Utilizing an external app to do screen-record

How to Record Zoom Meeting as a Participant

  1. Start your scheduled or instant meeting.

  2. After obtaining the necessary permission, click the Record  button.

NB: A Recording Alert pop-up window will appear whenever the audio is muted.

  1. Click Pause  to stop recording or click Stop to end the recording 

Once the recording ends, it will need processing before it can be viewable. Afterward, the Zoom software will send an email to the host's email address. 

There will be two links in the email: one for the host only to manage the recording and the other for participants. 

How to Record Zoom Meetings without Permission Using the Built-in Feature? 

When in a Zoom meeting, start recording by hitting the Record on the bottom of your window. 

record a Zoom meeting in Zoom interface

If you have the cloud recording enabled, you will see a pop-up asking you where you'd want to record: either Record in the cloud or Record on this computer

Nevertheless, to know if you are recording, check for the red light appearing in the upper left corner of the Zoom window having the words "Recording."

How to Record Zoom Meetings without Permission with Third-Party Software? 

To record a Zoom meeting without permission from the host using the Airgram app, you must first sign up for their services. If you already did that, log in and start using the software. 

After sorting the above, there are two main ways to record Zoom meetings without permission using Airgram. They are:

Transcribing a Scheduled Zoom meeting

  • Log into Airgram and click Meetings

  • Find the Zoom meeting on the meeting list page

  • Click the event that you need to record to start the recording.

Kindly follow the link for those who'd like to watch a video tutorial.

Transcribing an instant Zoom meeting

To transcribe an instant Zoom meeting, follow the steps below:

  • Open Airgram

  • Click Quick Record at the top right corner of the page

  • Select Zoom in the drop-down menu

  • Paste the Zoom link of the meeting you want to record

  • Hit the Start Recording and quickly get the real-time transcription for the Zoom call.

How do I Record a Zoom Meeting with Audio without Host Permission on My Phone?  

Recording a Zoom meeting on your phone with audio requires you to have the Zoom mobile app preinstalled on your device. These cloud recordings will allow you to view, stream, download, and share your recordings directly from your Zoom account. Remember, the prerequisite for recording without the host is to enable an automatic cloud recording.

There are two effective methods for recording a Zoom meeting without the host's permission. They are:

Record a Zoom meeting without consent on an Android

  1. Find the Screen Record feature at the top of the screen and click it. (If you don't have one, download it from the Google Play store)

  2. Start recording the Zoom meeting.

  3. To stop the recording, click on the red icon. Stopping will save the recording to your gallery. You can then view, edit, and share the recording. 

Record a Zoom meeting without permission on an iPhone

  1. Open the iPhone, go to the settings app, and click the control center.

  2. Locate the Screen Recording icon and press the "+" icon.

  3. Start the Zoom meeting and hit on Microphone.

  4. To stop recording, you will need to end the meeting.

  5. After recording, it will be saved in your Camera Roll. 

  6. Open the Photos app to preview and edit the meeting recording.


Where are the Zoom Meeting Recordings saved?

Once you finish recording a meeting, it is only natural to look for the location of the recording. But where should you start?

Start the search by going to the documents folder on the left tab of window explorer. Look for the Zoom meeting recordings folder and the recording there. 

However, if you opt to have the recording saved in the cloud storage, you will have to log into your Zoom account on the web portal. From there, you can look for the recording in the record folder.

Do the recordings include my shared screen?

Yes, they do. The recording includes lectures, presentations, and demonstrations, among others. 

Remember to make sure the audio is audible and does not become a nightmare when replaying the recording. Note that the reliability of the internet connection determines the video clarity.

Follow this to see answers to more frequently asked questions about recording on Zoom.

Final Remarks on How to Record Zoom Meetings Without Permission

Recording Zoom meetings without permission is not legal. Hence, it is essential to have the proper permissions before creating any recordings of online discussions.

Nevertheless, quite a handful of information can aid you in recording a Zoom meeting without permission. Carefully tread when utilizing, as some recordings might get you into trouble if you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. 

Ranee Zhang

Ranee is the Head of Growth of Airgram and has rich experience in the SaaS field. She developed a passion for writing as a young girl and believed the written word could unlock doors as well as the imagination.

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