How to Record a Teams Meeting Effortlessly [4 Ways]
record a Teams meeting

How to Record a Teams Meeting Effortlessly [4 Ways]

Jul 28, 20226 mins
Record a Meeting using Microsoft Teams' Built-in Recorder

Microsoft Teams has become a vital platform for many businesses in recent years. As a video conferencing tool, it has enabled people to communicate in virtual meetings rather than meeting in person. 

However, no one can remember and take down everything discussed during the meetings, hence the need for Teams meeting recording that will capture the entire video session and improve overall engagement.

This guide will explain how to record Microsoft Teams meetings on desktop and mobile using the official method while providing you with other ways to record the meeting secretly.

Record a Meeting using Microsoft Teams' Built-in Recorder

The good thing about Teams meetings is that the recording captures everything from video to audio and screen-sharing activities. So, you sure will not miss out on anything.

However, not all participants can start or stop a recording as you must meet the prerequisites.

Who can record a Teams meeting?

Before delving into the steps of recording a Microsoft Teams meeting with the built-in recorder, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have any of these licenses: Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, E5, F3, A1, A3, A5, Business Essentials, M365 Business, or Business Premium.

  • Have the recording activated by an IT admin.

  • You are the meeting organizer or someone from the same organization. 

Who can’t record a meeting

  • A guest in the meeting.

  • Someone from another organization.

  • An anonymous participant.

How to record Microsoft Teams meetings on PC & Mobile? 

If you meet all the conditions stated above, you can now proceed to record a meeting in Teams. Note that the steps of using Teams’ recording feature are the same on PC and mobile devices.

  1. Join or start a Teams meeting.

  2. Navigate to the meeting controls bar on top and click the More actions button (the three horizontal dots).

  3. Select the Start recording option to begin the recording. A notification will appear informing other participants that the meeting is being recorded.

start recording meeting in Teams

  1. To stop the recording, repeat step 2 and select the Stop recording option. 


  • According to the privacy policy by Microsoft Teams, you must let everyone know that they are being recorded.

  • There is no way for more than one person to record a single meeting simultaneously. When a person starts recording, you can only wait till the recording stops.

Where are Teams recordings stored?

The storage location of your recordings depends on the type of meeting recorded. Below are the places where you can find your Teams recordings:

  • A recording would be stored on SharePoint if the meeting was a channel meeting.

  • The recording is stored on OneDrive if it was any other meeting type besides channel meetings.

  • Lastly, the recordings will show in the meeting chat or channel conversation if you held the meeting on a channel.

Record a Microsoft Teams Meeting using Airgram (Our top pick) 

We put Airgram at the top of our list because it is not only a screen recorder but a powerful meeting assistant aimed at improving meeting productivity via automation.

Airgram can record HD videos and meanwhile transcribes the meeting with auto speaker detection. After the meeting is over, it allows you to download the video on your device. With this, you can always have a secure offline recording for reference.

This program also offers a video playback feature with adjustable speed that enables you to reference the most important part of the recording quickly. Lastly, unlike the official method above, Airgram enables you to record a Teams meeting as an attendee, guest, or host.

Below is how to record a Teams meeting with Airgram:

  1. Sign up for Airgram and connect your calendar.

  2. Launch Airgram and click the + icon on the sidebar > Quick Teams Recording.

start quick Teams recording

  1. Select the transcription language, paste the Teams link, and click the Start Recording button.

add Microsoft Teams call

With these simple steps, Airgram joins a Teams meeting and starts recording your meeting with transcription. You'll notice that Airgram provides a built-in meeting agenda for you to take down meeting notes and collaborate with your team members, an essential feature for virtual team collaboration.

Once the recording has ended, you can playback the video at an adjustable speed and even make a clip.

view video recording in Airgram

The Airgram meeting assistant also works perfectly with Zoom and Google Meet, so if you also use these online meeting platforms, feel free to try it.

Record a Teams Meeting Secretly with Xbox Game Bar for Windows

The Xbox Game Bar is a pre-installed feature of the Windows PC for improving the gaming experience. Part of what it offers is that it allows you to take a recording of your screen when playing games. 

However, it is not limited to gaming alone, as you can use it to record any activity on your screen. Below is how to use it to record a Teams meeting without anyone knowing:

1. After joining or starting a meeting, press the Windows + G keys to launch the Xbox game bar.

2. Click the Start recording icon on the newly opened window.

start recording in Xbox Game Bar

3. To end the recording, click on the Stop icon next to the timer.

4. Lastly, to find the recording, open File Explorer and follow the path: C:\Users\User-name\Videos\Captures. Note that User-name in the path is your profile username on your PC.

Note: This method does not require permission or criteria before recording Microsoft Teams meetings, and nobody will know that you are recording.

Recording a Teams Meeting with OBS Studio

The OBS Studio is a versatile screen recorder that creators and gamers use to create, stream, and record presentations and gaming sessions. Here, we will show you how to record a Microsoft Teams meeting with the OBS Studio:

1. Download and install OBS Studio on your PC. 

2. Open the app and click the Settings option in the bottom right corner.

3. Set up the Video resolution and output format accordingly and press the OK button.

set up OBS Studio

4. Click the + icon at the bottom of the screen and select the Window Capture option.

Allow Window capture in OBS

5. Open Microsoft Teams on your browser but don't join or start the meeting yet.

6. In the OBS Studio app, click the dropdown in front of Window and choose the browser you want to use for Microsoft Teams. A preview will display.

record Teams meeting using OBS

7. Right-click on the preview page and select Transform, followed by Fit to screen.

preview in OBS

8. Click the Start Recording option at the bottom right corner; now, you can join the meeting. To end the recording, go back to the OBS Studio app and select the Stop Recording option in the bottom right corner.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teams Recording

Q. Why can't I record Teams meetings?

A. The reason you can't record a meeting with the Microsoft Teams built-in recorder might be because you do not meet the criteria stated in this article. However, this is not the end of the world.

You can use third-party tools, as we have shown in this guide. These tools require no criteria nor permissions for you to start saving a Microsoft Teams recording.

Q. How to automatically record Teams meetings?

A. Microsoft has a feature that allows a meeting organizer to take recordings automatically. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams on your browser and open a scheduled meeting. You can also schedule a new one if you don't have it ready.

  2. Click Meeting options from the menu at the top.

  3. Select the Record automatically option.

record a Teams meeting automatically

Start Recording a Teams Meeting 

A video recording of a meeting is priceless as it allows you to relive the conference and pick up things that might have missed your attention initially. In this post, we have covered the four ways to record Microsoft Teams meetings, whether as an organizer or a guest.

We recommend using the unique Airgram tool because it requires the least steps and stress to record meetings. Also, it provides many other features like auto joining meetings, notes taking and sharing, and highlight extraction with clips.

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