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Best 12 Google Meet Chrome Extensions for Productivity

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Apr 21, 20237 mins
1. Airgram - Best for meeting transcription and notes 

While Google Meet is a great conferencing tool, it lacks some functionalities that contribute to enjoyable virtual meetings. And some of the great features are only accessible on paid plans.

The good news is that dozens of Chrome extensions are available on the Web Store that you can add to your Google Meet to access these additional features.

This article gives you the 12 best Google Meet Chrome Extensions that can improve efficiency and enhance your video calling experience. Read on for this and much more.

Top 12 Powerful Google Meet Extensions

As an active Google Meet user, I have tried numerous extensions to make my meetings more fun and productive. Based on my experience, I have curated a list of best Google Meet extensions you can use for a better meeting experience. Take a look.

1. Airgram for Google Meet

Best for meeting transcription and notes 

Airgram chrome extension

Airgram is a meeting productivity tool aiming to make online meetings productive and enjoyable.

It supports popular video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams, and especially launched a Chrome extension for Google Meet users. Here is how this lightweight tool can help:

🌟 Create notes for Google Calendar events.

🌟 Record and transcribe your Google Meet calls in real-time, so you can concentrate on the conversation rather than note-taking.

🌟 Highlight important conversations so you can track them easily.

🌟 An integrated Notepad allows you to write down key points and action items.

record Google Meet with Airgram
What’s more, the transcript is accessible immediately after the meeting ends. You can playback the recording, make clips to share the most important information, and have an overview of the key meeting points with a summary generated by AI. In all, Airgram is a great tool if you need automated meeting notes for your Google Meet meetings.

2. Google Meet Enhancement Suite 

The all-in-one extension

Google Meet Enhancement Suite

With over 100,000 users, Meet Enhancement Suite is a one-stop tool that offers 40+ features and settings to boost the functionality of Google Meet.

The basic features include automatically muting the microphone and turning off the video before joining a meeting, quickly starting a Google Meet call and setting a custom background color. 

This tool also has pro features that can auto-record a meeting, sort participant lists, mirror videos, highlight speakers, and more.

3. Google Meet Push-To-Talk 

Best for muting and unmuting

Google Meet Push-To-Talk

What’s more embarrassing than side-talking to someone not part of your meeting only to realize you aren’t on mute and everyone in the meeting is listening to you? Or, have you ever started talking during a meeting only to realize you’re on mute? You can bid your mute issues goodbye with the Google Meet Push-To-Talk extension.

This Google Meet Chrome extension allows you to press a button, quickly speak, and simply release the key to mute yourself. Thanks to this add-on, users can easily mute and unmute themselves during a meeting to avoid confusion.

4. Meet Attendance

Best for tracking meeting attendance

Attendance for Google-MeetIt can be tedious to check who showed up for a Google meeting, especially if the number of participants is large. The Meet Attendance add-on for Google Meet is designed to help you quickly take attendance during a call.

Besides, this extension also allows you to edit and update the attendee information directly in your web browser. It keeps track of participants’ names, arrival times, how long they stay, and active status, then exports the information into a spreadsheet.

5. Grid View for Google Meet

Best for displaying meeting participants

Grid View for Google Meet

One of the challenges of video conferencing with Google Meet is that you can’t view all the meeting participants when the number is large. This is because Meet limits the active participants’ video display.

The Google Meet Grid View extension solves this problem by adding a grid-view button in the top right bar to enable multiple grids of videos. This allows you to view every participant in your meeting as a grid of equal-sized rectangles. The Grid View add-on is especially useful for brainstorming sessions where participants want to interact with each other.

6. Google Call Timer for Meet

Best for tracking meeting timing

Call Timer for Meet

If you struggle to stay on time with your meetings, the Google Call Timer for Meet extension will come in handy for you. This Google Meet add-on adds a timer to your meetings screen as a reminder.

When enabled, the timer appears at the top right corner of your screen, where you can set the start and end times for your meeting. 

This extension is extremely helpful if you need to practice making short calls or want to time the different segments of the meeting agenda to ensure it ends in time.

7. Reactions for Google Meet

Best for gaining participant feedback

Reactions for Google Meet

Unlike a physical meeting, there’s no way for muted participants to express their feedback during a presentation. So it is difficult to know how well the other participants receive your ideas. 

With the Reaction for Google Meet extension, you get a real-time way to gain feedback on a presentation or discussion topic from the meeting participants using emojis. The emojis also provide a quick and fun way of assessing the general sentiments about a meeting.

8. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Best for splitting meeting groups

Google Meet Breakout Rooms

The Google Meet Breakout Rooms allows the meeting host to split the primary meeting group into multiple subgroups. With this Google Meet extension, you can easily navigate between meeting rooms and view them in tiled or tab format. You can also add participants to particular rooms, end or close rooms, or eject all participants from a room. 

It also allows you to access a link in a participant’s breakout room, making sharing content during breakout sessions easy.

9. Google Meet Party Button

Best for creating celebration animations

Google Meet Party Button

Your virtual meetings don’t need to be mundane. Rather than taking your celebration to a club, you can celebrate all your wins during your Google Meet meetings with a Google Meet Party Button add-on. 

Using this Chrome extension, you can celebrate your small and big achievements by launching celebratory effects in the meeting. They could be a significant client deal, finishing a project on schedule, moving closer to a major milestone, or announcing a colleague’s promotion, you name it.

10. Google Meet Dice Roller

Best randomizer tool

Google Meet Dice Roller

Keep your meeting participants entertained using a randomizer tool. The Google Meet Dice Roller extension presents virtual dice that can be rolled to generate results like real dice. You can alter each die side to reflect the circumstances of the current meeting. 

You can use this extension for Google Meet to determine presentation order, break ties, choose meeting roles, or any other number of decision-making tools. Users can roll a die with as many sides and rolls as they wish by inputting certain commands in the chat window.

11. Visual Effects for Google Meet

Best for adding visual effects

Visual Effects for Google Meet

Adding visual effects to your Google Meet meeting can make it more exciting. 

This Google Meet add-on can help hide a cluttered background and enhance the display’s aesthetic appeal using a virtual green screen feature. It allows you to apply several effects such as screen text, Pixelate, freeze, bubbles, sunglasses, cubes, and inverse to your camera live during Google Meets.

12. Dualless

Best for browser splitting


This Google Meet extension allows you to split your browser into two, enabling you to view different web pages side by side simultaneously. Dualless allows you to move and resize your browser window per your specified ratio.

This add-on is helpful to anyone who wants the functionality of multiple monitors but lacks an additional screen.

FAQs on Google Meet Chrome Extensions 

1. How to add a Chrome extension for Google Meet?

Adding a Chrome extension for Google Meet is super simple. Follow these steps to add a Chrome extension for Google Meet:

  • Go to Chrome Web Store and search for the product page of the extension you want to add (or directly click the extension link shared with you).

    Chrome web store

  • Open the extension’s detail page and click ‘Add to Chrome.’

  • The extension will be available on Google Meet once it has been added to Chrome.

2. Is there a Google Meet extension for recording?

There are various Chrome extensions for recording a Google Meet call. And the one I’m recommending is Airgram for Google Meet; this extension enables you to record your Google Meet meetings in high-quality video with real-time transcripts, which you can easily refer to at any time.

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