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8 Best Work Tools on Product Hunt in 2022 (+ Top Product Hunt Alternatives)
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8 Best Work Tools on Product Hunt in 2022 (+ Top Product Hunt Alternatives)

Ranee ZhangMay 08, 202211 mins
What is Product Hunt?

Whether you are searching for a personal productivity tool or the best sales tool for your business, finding the right product could be daunting. Every day, new products are launched and marketed as the ultimate solution to your problems. But how do you filter everything and find what’s best for you? 

This is why platforms like Product Hunt are a tech consumer’s dream. 

Product Hunt makes selecting the right software faster and easier. It’s also great for people who simply enjoy discovering and discussing the latest tech products.

By the end of this article, we will have answered the following questions:

  • What is Product Hunt?

  • What are the categories of tools you can find on Product Hunt?

  • What are the benefits of using the said tools?

  • What are the best tools on Product Hunt?

  • What are Product Hunt’s alternatives?

If you are curious about any of the questions listed, keep reading!

What is Product Hunt?

Product Hunt is an online community where makers (tech product creators) and hunters (product consumers) meet and interact over the latest tech tools.

Makers announce their latest products and other members of the community, which includes tech experts, enthusiasts, influencers, or just lay people, can test the products and publicly share their reviews, opinions, comments, and suggestions. 

What’s more? Community members can automatically rank the products by upvoting so that hunters can get an immediate idea of how people feel about them before settling to read reviews in detail.

So, you might be thinking, “Okay, people post product reviews on Product Hunt. What makes it so important?”

Quite a few things:

  • You get a front-row seat at the launch of the latest tech products and can ask questions or request features for the Makers to include

  • You not only get the opinion of tech experts, but from people who have an understanding of the product’s category and what potential consumers need

  • You can find reviews of the alternatives to the product you are considering

  • Product Hunt has products in different categories so you are likely to find what you need

  • Signing up and accessing information is free

Benefits of Using Work Tools

Product Hunt has different tools that are designed to help individuals and teams grow their businesses. But they usually do not do this directly. 

Instead, business growth is a culmination of the purposes they serve and the benefits they offer.

These include:

  • Automating different parts of the work process to help teams save time and money

  • Making tasks easier, faster, and more efficient

  • Helping teams access important services, such as accounting, project management, and administration at cheaper rates

  • Delivering solutions that are specific business needs

  • Overall improving team productivity

Categories of Work Tools on Product Hunt

Teams need different kinds of tools to enjoy the benefits we have identified. These tools fall into different categories but have a single underlying goal of helping you grow your business. 

They include:

  • Productivity tools

  • AI tools 

  • Sales tools

  • Accounting and bookkeeping tools

Productivity Tools

Productivity tools help you make the most out of your limited time and yield the best results possible by eliminating time-wasters and inefficiencies. 

As you can imagine, there are so many scenarios where businesses could use this kind of help. So, our list of the best productivity tools on Product Hunt reflects this.

We selected products that are outstanding in their different classes. For example, Airgram is a best-in-class meeting productivity tool while Zapier outperforms many other workflow automation tools. 


Imagine you had a tool that could manage every part of your meeting process - from scheduling a meeting and creating an agenda, to attending, recording, transcribing, taking notes, and identifying action points that you can follow up on.

Also imagine that that same tool has a single dashboard where you can access, edit, share, and collaborate with team members on all your meeting notes, recordings, action points, and transcriptions with ease.

That’s Airgram.

Airgram is a meeting productivity tool that helps remote and hybrid teams make the most out of their meetings by making it possible to set and stick to the goals of their meetings and keeping every member of the team connected and aligned.

It also helps them take notes more efficiently, focus on reaching actionable outcomes, and document meetings for future reference.

All you need to do is invite or admit the Airgram Assistant, -, to help with tasks like recording, time-stamped note-taking, and transcription, so that you can focus on the real conversation.

Airgram was ranked #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched.

Key Features
  • Calendar synchronization 

  • Auto-join Zoom meeting

  • Slack, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Chrome, and Notion integration

  • High-quality meeting recording

  • Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams transcription in eight different languages

  • Time-stamped and tagged notes

  • Clip creation and sharing

  • Speaker detection and identification

  • The Airgram bot extracts potential action items from meeting conversations

  • Meeting agenda templates


Airgram is currently available for free but their subscription plans will be released soon. You can learn all about it here


Airgram is great for teams who prefer to use a single tool to manage all their meeting management and productivity needs

This is because unlike other similar products, Airgram manages end-to-end meeting requirements from the planning to the follow-up phase so that all meeting details are organized, productive and well-documented.


Zapier is an automation tool used to create seamless workflows across different SaaS apps by integrating them without any code.

Its main selling point is its ability to connect over 4,000 different apps and automate processes that might have been otherwise disjointed, technical, or time-consuming easier and faster so that teams can focus on more important tasks.  

The automation process is usually set off by a predetermined trigger. For example, after connecting Zapier to project management apps like Trello, creating a new task or project on Trello could be the trigger that sets off the automated team notifications, reminders, and updates on Slack.

The automation process is called a “Zap”

Zapier was ranked the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched.

Key Features
  • Easy app integration

  • Automated workflow

  • Single and multi-step automations

  • Easy data transfers across different apps

  • Zap templates


Free - 43,188 annually


Zapier is a fit for teams of different sizes who would like to increase their automated workflows using codeless app integrations without depending on developers. It is generally easy-to-use and beginner-friendly so you and your team can navigate it without any special technical training. 

Zapier’s only major problem is its pricing. Plans are priced according to how many tasks you want to automate monthly and there is no unlimited tasks option. 


Sunsama is described by its creators as what you get if Trello and Google Calendar had a baby. So, essentially, it is a task management and day planning tool for professionals and teams. 

Sunsama allows you to plan your workday by creating tasks for the day and rolling over unfinished tasks to the next day or some time in the future. You can also schedule meetings, create to-dos, and manage your team on your Sunsama dashboard. 

The app also helps you to set the tasks in order of priority and include the estimated time of completion. These help you focus on the most urgent and important tasks first and manage your time.

You can monitor your progress on the Progress Tracker which shows how many tasks you have completed against your goal for the day as you tick them off.

Sunsama has a lot of benefits for teams. With Sunsama, you can collaborate with team members, manage and assign team tasks, schedule meetings, and send emails. 

Sunsama was ranked the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched.

Key Features
  • Scheduling events and sharing calendars

  • Tracking task progress

  • Planning and documenting meetings

  • Integrations with other task management tools and planners like Google Calendar, Slack, Asana, Trello, Github, JIRA, Todoist, ClickUp, and Notion, so you get a view of all your tasks in one place

  • Timed focus mode which shows only the task you are working on for the period specified

  • Weekly review that shows you how much time you have spent on each task and your productivity level for the week

  • Free to custom pricing plans are available


Overall, Sunsama is an impressive product. If your main goal for yourself and your team is to become more organized and productive by planning your day and tasks ahead, Sunsama is the right product for you.

Its only major problems are that it is more expensive than other products with similar offerings and it archives tasks after they have been rolled over a few times making them easy to forget and miss.

AI Tools 

AI has become an integral part of work tools in different categories because of the role they play in process automation and optimization, understanding languages, transcriptions, data analysis and organization, communication, and speaker or key-point detections. So even though we are discussing AI tools, their functions cause them to overlap with other categories.

This means that in a way, we are discussing some of the best AI tools in different categories.

So, in selecting the tools we are reviewing in this category, we chose products that have artificial intelligence as their main offering and selling point. This will help us stay as close to the theme as possible. And as we did in the previous category, we spread our selection across different work processes.

AI Article Writer

AI Article Writer uses artificial intelligence to create content in seconds.This sounds like the beginning of every content writer’s nightmare - only that after using the product, you’d realize that it isn’t because it requires significant human input.

The process of generating your article involves entering your desired keyword in the Target Topic field to get some article titles and ideas. After this, you can select an introduction and article outline among the ones generated by the AI.

Within seconds, your content will be generated and you can review it and edit it to your taste

So, AI Article Writer does not guarantee or seek to achieve a completely automated content generation. Its goal is to, instead, help individuals and teams save time by creating a draft that they can rewrite and edit as they see fit.

AI Article Writer was ranked the #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched.

Key Features
  • Up to 25 writing languages

  • Title, idea, and introduction generation

  • Content generation

  • SEMrush integration for the Basic, Economy, Professional, and Startup plans


Free - $760 annually


Writers and marketing agencies will find AI Article Writer very useful. But it is not suited for all topics and industries. For example, researchers and academics might not find it very useful because their writing requires original research.

Memory AI

Memory AI answers the age-old question, “Where does all the time go?” by automatically tracking your time and what you spend it doing. It does this with the Timely and Memory Apps.

Timely is the app that houses your dashboard. You use it to see all your activities. But the Memory app does the background work on your device. It monitors the time you spend on your desktop and web applications so that you can get the insight you need on Timely.

Timely also works for teams. You can plan and assign tasks to members of your team, see their calendars, map out their deliverables, and even share reports.

You can import information from other work apps into Timely using either the native integration function or Zapier.

Memory AI was ranked the #2 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched.

Key Features
  • Automated time-tracking

  • Supports up to 15 native integrations including Asana, Google Calendar, Zoom, GitHub, and Gmail. It also allows an additional 4,000+ integration using Zapier

  • AI-drafted timesheets

  • Automatic reminders

  • Project and team tracking


Free - $240 annually


It is easy to use and makes planning and organizing time and projects easier. However, if your team struggles with internet connection, you might not get the best out of it.

This is because unlike Toggle, which is a close alternative, your device has to be connected to the internet for the tracking to be done on Memory. 

Sales Tools  

Sales tools have a broad scope. They are not only limited to software that helps you close deals but any technology that helps you and your sales team manage client relationships, generate and monitor leads, learn more about prospective customers and purchase patterns, facilitate sales, and retain customers.

Knowing how layered the sales process is, you must select high-performing tools that take a significant chunk of the work off your team and make it easier to close deals. This informed our selection.


Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps individuals and sales teams increase sales and revenue. They achieve this using its Modern Revenue Workspace to communicate with actual and prospective buyers, sales automation, obtain reports and insights, and manage their workflow. 

Salesloft also provides consulting services for teams to train them on how to increase sales and revenue by optimizing every stage of their sales process.

Salesloft was the #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched. 

Key Features
  • Sales onboarding & training

  • Call and messaging functions

  • Sales automation

  • Call disposition and sentiment tracking

  • Email automation and tracking

  • Workflow management 

  • Buyer information and intelligence

  • Insights and reporting


Salesloft’s pricing is not publicly available. Instead, you can request a quote and someone from their team will reach out to you with the pricing details in line with your needs.


Salesloft satisfies both basic and advanced needs that sellers and sales teams have. So you can use it to manage the end-to-end sales process

However, if clean interfaces are important to you, Salesloft might not be a good fit because the volume of its functions gives it a complex and untidy interface that sometimes makes it overwhelming and difficult to navigate


Close is a sales engagement and client relationship management tool that helps small and medium-sized businesses make successful sales.

Close does this by providing in-built communications, productivity, and task management tools that make it easy to form and maintain relationships with leads and stay on course until the sale is made.

It also allows you to track sale opportunities and monitor the actual and expected value of deals in your pipelines. This can help you and your team manage your sales expectations and make decisions on the right sales strategy to adopt.

Close was the #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched.

Key Features
  • Built-in global call function

  • Central inbox for multi-channel messaging. This allows your team to communicate with customers via email, SMS, or phone in the same inbox.

  • Reminders to follow up on leads

  • Email templates, scheduling, and tracking

  • Google Calendar sync for meetings

  • Sales activity reporting


Free - $1,548


Close is a great fit for small or medium-sized businesses who have customers and leads around the world because of its in-built global call function which makes it easy to communicate with them no matter where they are.

Another appeal of this product is that despite the volume of function it offers, it is still easy to use and has an intuitive interface. However, it does not have a dashboard which would have made visualization easier

Accounting and Bookkeeping Tools 

You cannot grow a business without maintaining clean books and having a true view of your business’s profitability and finances.

Accounting and bookkeeping tools help you achieve these by minimizing the events of human errors, tracking your different accounts and books, and managing your transactions.

They also do these for a fraction of the price you would have to pay professionals and help your accounting team to work more efficiently.

Accounting is complex enough as it is. So, the tool we selected in this category is, in addition to being a great performer, easy to navigate.


Xero is a cloud-based accounting app designed to help businesses manage major parts of their accounting and bookkeeping, including sale and purchase transactions, invoicing, payroll, inventory, expenses, assets, and stakeholder records.

It integrates well with Xero add-ons and third-party apps, and can be connected with your financial and payment service providers. So you can connect it with apps like Spendesk to sync your spend data to Xero or Xero Expenses to easily process your expense claims and receipts for your employees.

Xero was the #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on the day it was launched.

Key Features
  • Bill tracking and payment

  • Bank connections 

  • Contact management

  • Project tracking

  • Automatic data uploads, including bills, receipts, and transaction records

  • Accounting reports


Xero does not have uniform plans and pricing. Its plans and prices vary with its users’ region. So, if you need details on their pricing, you can either select any of the 12 regions on the website or “Global” if you are not in any of the listed regions.


Xero is a fit for teams with different levels of technical and accounting expertise. This is because the app has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate.

It also has a bank connections function that allows transaction records to be uploaded from your bank to Xero every day. So, if you would like to see an overview of the flow of money in and out of your account daily, Close will help you make that possible.

Product Hunt Alternatives 

If you are not sold on Product Hunt or you would like to consider other similar platforms, there are several alternatives that you can consider.

Most of them serve its basic function as a community for tech-related conversations and consumer reviews. 

They include:

  • Slant

  • AlternativesTo

  • SteemHunt

  • SaasHub

While there are many other alternatives, the platforms listed above share major similarities with Product Hunt and are highly rated in the tech community.


Slant helps you find and recommend the products that are right for you. You can either look at existing reviews that have been curated on similar products or ask questions from the community.

Community members would then share their opinions on your question and add product options for others to recommend and share their experiences. The products flagged will be ranked according to the number of recommendations they receive.

The goal of this entire process is to help you simplify your decision-making by relying on the opinion of other consumers.


AlternativeTo is very straight to the point. When you search for a product, you are presented with a description and review of that product, as well as its alternative.

The products presented as alternatives are ranked in order of likes, so the most popular ones among other community members would be found at the top of the list.

AlternativeTo has one of the neatest and easy to navigate interfaces among Product Hunt’s alternatives and the quality of information that can be found on each product is impressive.


Steemhunt rewards its users for discovering (or “hunting”) and introducing new tech products to members of its community.

Community members can then upvote and share their opinions on the product. This is where the reward comes from. When other people upvote or share their opinions on the post, the hunter receives cryptocurrency rewards via STEEM tokens.

This incentivizes the search and discovery of the latest products - which makes it similar to what Product Hunt is known for.

Like Product Hunt, Steemhunt also has a daily ranking for products.


SaaSHub helps you find product alternatives and reviews.

It is described as an “independent software marketplace” to reflect its commitment to objective ranking, even when users pay for featured listings.

Like Product Hunt, SaaSHub is also an app discovery platform. It allows creators and other users to add and review new products.

Our Advice

We would suggest using Product Hunt and one or more of the alternatives listed above when selecting a product so that you access a wider variety of opinions and options from the different communities. And you can get all the additional information at no extra cost!

Ranee Zhang

Ranee is the Head of Growth of Airgram and has rich experience in the SaaS field. She developed a passion for writing as a young girl and believed the written word could unlock doors as well as the imagination.

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