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How to Auto Join Zoom Meeting | Airgram
AI assistant joins Zoom meeting automatically

How to Auto Join Zoom Meeting | Airgram

Michael DamMay 07, 20228 mins

As a result of the pandemic, most teams have adopted a work-from-home strategy. So, everyone is used to participating in a lot of Zoom calls every day, be it for team meetings, online classes, or remote training.


You might feel overwhelmed by various Zoom meetings. Now, you can rely on Airgram's AI assistant to relieve the burden of going through the primarily dull and monotonous setup process for you. 


In this post, we’ll go through:

1. What is “auto join Zoom meeting”?

2. Benefits of Setting Up Auto-joining Zoom meetings

3. How to set up to auto join Zoom meetings

What is "auto join Zoom meeting"?


Zoom is an online video-conferencing application that allows users to connect in real-time via webcams, mobile devices, desktop computers, or any camera and microphone device. And Airgram's AI assistant can transcribe your Zoom meetings now. All you need is just a trigger. Your AI assistant will act on a schedule once you set up the Zoom auto-join preconditions. It will enter the meeting room promptly and contribute to meeting recording and live transcription.

Benefits of Setting Up Auto-joining Zoom meetings

For people who need to join multiple Zoom meetings a day, it'll be a lot of hassle if they need to send the Airgram assistant to record manually - you open Airgram and choose the correct option every time you join a meeting. Sometimes there's a good chance that you might forget to do it. But with the automation powered by Airgram, you can quickly automate the monotonous task. 


The benefits of setting up your Zoom auto-join are as follows:

1. Save time by not having to set up Zoom recordings and transcribe manually. 

2. Easily manage multiple meetings at once.

3. Automatically record meetings when they start and stop automatically.

4. Automatically send meeting notes to the meeting host's email address.


You can set aside more time for better prep by skipping all this manual labor. For example, write down a detailed, structured meeting agenda before a project kick-off discussion or a product presentation. So that everybody can have a clear goal in mind and show up prepared.

How to auto join Zoom with an AI assistant?

All meetings you host

Sometimes you might need to host meetings, like starting a scheduled call with your client for a product demonstration or an instant call with your teammates to discuss something emergent. When you need to record the calls, you might need to open a third-party app first, then choose some options and all those manual operations.

It's unavoidable that you might forget to do so. With Airgram's auto-joining Zoom meetings, you can set up to auto join all the Zoom calls you to start as the host.

Usually, you can host a meeting by starting a new meeting, a personal meeting, or a scheduled meeting. 

1. Go to Settings to authorize Airgram to connect to your Zoom account first. Click Integrations and connect your Zoom.


2. After you've granted the Zoom permission successfully, go back to your Settings again. Choose Zoom Meeting > Auto join Zoom meeting > Join all Zoom meetings I host.


3. Now, you're all set. Airgram's AI assistant, a.k.a. Airgram assistant, will automatically join all Zoom meetings you host whenever you have an instant Zoom call or a scheduled one. It'll transcribe the call into the language you set by default.


All Google Calendar events with Zoom links 

If you have scheduled Zoom meetings, after you sync your Google Calendar with Airgram, the Airgram assistant can join all the calendar events with Zoom links, whether you host the meeting or not. 


1. Go to Settings > Zoom Meeting > Auto join Zoom meeting


2. Select "Join all calendar events with Zoom link." The assistant will automatically attend all Zoom meetings on your Google Calendar on time. 


Particular Google Calendar events with Zoom links 

Sometimes, you want to record specific Zoom meetings. Then, you can add your Airgram assistant as a guest ( to the meetings you need when you're scheduling it on your Google Calendar. 

Go to Settings > Zoom Meeting > Auto joins Zoom meeting > select "Join calendar events only when I invited" Then, next time when you want to transcribe a specific meeting, you can invite the Airgram assistant to the event guest. Make sure that the event must contain a Zoom link. Otherwise, the assistant will not be able to auto join the Zoom call successfully.

The Airgram assistant will automatically join the Zoom call when the event begins. The host needs to click "Admit" to invite the assistant into the meeting room. Then, it'll start recording and transcribing your Zoom call live.

At the end of the meeting, the host will receive an email with a link to the meeting notes. You can click the link to go to the meeting details page and check out the notes.

You may receive an email telling you that the account ( does not exist. The virtual email account is for protecting your privacy because Airgram doesn't generate this email account. We only use it to confirm that you allow the assistant to join the meeting. The email will not affect the assistant's automatic participation.

You can also check out the tutorial video below to learn how to set up:


Meetings occupy our working hours. And the task of scheduling an AI meeting assistant to record them takes time, too. So why don't we automate it and focus on what requires more analysis and complexity? Automated recording and transcription for Zoom aren't just about freeing you from the tedious manual setup process. It can help you go straight to create a meeting agenda and then engage fully in the discussion. And eventually, you will find yourself contributing a lot more to generating great ideas and elaborating the next steps.

Michael Dam

Michael started his career as a product manager and then developed a passion for writing. He has been writing on technology, remote working, productivity, etc., hoping to share his thoughts with more people.

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