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How Airgram Supercharges Synchronous Meetings with Asynchronous Collaboration Features
Airgram combines async collaboration with sync meetings

How Airgram Supercharges Synchronous Meetings with Asynchronous Collaboration Features

Jan 13, 20227 mins

Async collaboration has been gaining more traction

People tend to simply copy and paste the way they work offline to the remote work era without any adaptation. That is the most common cause for low productivity in remote collaboration.

To a great extent, back-to-back video calls could hinder people from planning their priorities thoughtfully and even have a negative effect on our mental health. As Steve Glaveski put it, there are five levels of remote work, and most of us are stuck at Level 2, "here’s looking at you 10-person video-calls... now via Slack and phone calls... or the hyper-responsiveness that is expected of all employees."

Contrary to common practice, some companies realized the flaws of sync-first collaboration and thus have adopted and embraced the async-first way of work—GitLab, Almanac, Gumroad, MailerLite, Unsplash, Slite, Automattic, Trello, to name a few. You can easily find media coverage on the huge boost they say in their team performance after going async-first. Instead of pursuing synchronous communication, employees are empowered to make decisions on their own—when to work on what. Usually, people tend to be more motivated and productive when given more autonomy to prioritize their work. More and more teams, small and large, joined the "async-first" collaboration camp during the pandemic, with the belief that "the future of work is asynchronous."

Productive synchronous meetings are irreplaceable

Like async-first teams, here at Airgram, more time is dedicated to accomplishing our goals via async collaboration. Async work spares us more time to do deep work. However, our team still puts sync communication on an equal footing. From our perspective, sync meetings are irreplaceable in terms of sparking inspiration and driving team engagement. We're a true believer in efficient, engaging, and enjoyable meetings - they will live and thrive in the Covid 19 era and the post-pandemic world and running meetings in a different approach.

Airgram was born to bring sync meeting productivity to the next level - we designed the product to break the cycle of randomly joining and leaving meetings without taking anything meaningful away. We are dedicated to rekindling your passion for online meetings, which are restructured and reimagined by our product design - "Meetings" goes far beyond a way of sync communication; it's highly intertwined with async collaboration.

How Airgram levels up synchronous meetings with async features

To provide a better meeting experience, we mainly center our product around two main functionalities: transcribing and note-taking. We believe that the combination of automatic live transcription and collaborative notes can power up synchronous communication across the organization.

Real-time transcription

We provide real-time transcription with high accuracy to facilitate your meeting’s productivity. If your role at work is a salesperson, customer success specialist, recruiter, or journalist, you’ll benefit from the speech-to-text technologies greatly.

You can document key moments while staying engaged and focused in a long, deep conversation with others. All the work will be performed by your very own AI assistant, the Airgram bot. You can drop the pen and pay attention to the discussion whenever you have a Zoom or Google Meet call.

Collaborative notes

The collaborative notepad feature allows you to write down any ideas or thoughts of your choice.

Participants can take notes simultaneously on the notepad. You can also click to copy a message to the shared notes or private notes quickly. Set up action items with due dates and track their progress. Always stay on top of your project.

For asynchronous communication, Airgram advocates letting your meeting notes be handled by our intelligent AI assistant, keeping meeting notes in one place when it comes to asynchronous communication. Making your first move to work in async couldn’t be easier.

Send Airgram bot to attend the meeting when you can't make it

People who couldn't make it to the meeting can still participate by sending an Airgram bot to record the meeting for them. The multilingual AI meeting assistant can transcribe all the content for those absent.

In this way, everybody can stay aligned on the current events and understand the tasks in progress. This feature is very beneficial to cross-functional meetings since everybody has a different schedule.

Review the meeting with the help of various resources all in one place

You can browse all the discussion points with the help of the HD video recording, transcript, collaborative notes, and action items. All notes written during a meeting include timestamps, which are automatically associated with the corresponding part of your transcript and recording.

Airgram helps you preserve key information in one place. Even if you are absent from the meetings, you can still stay updated and participate in the post-meeting discussion. Now that you don't need to be present in every meeting, your meeting fatigue can be somewhat alleviated.

Monitor the completion of tasks by action items

Airgram automatically detects the possible action items from your transcript and organizes them by their due dates so that the team can follow up on task completion. A big project might seem intimidating before getting started. But if you break it into detailed action items, you will feel less pressure to tackle all the unknown challenges ahead.


Meetings are here to stay, even though the async-first slogan is hot on their heels. In-person communication won't be replaced since people can interact more vividly. Thus, we pit them against each other. They serve as a means, not an end. We rely on synchronicity for exchanging vital messages and making crucial decisions. And asynchronicity allows everyone to gain autonomy for better prioritizing all those tasks. Airgram combines synchronous communication and asynchronous collaboration by unifying your video recording, real-time transcription, and collaborative notes. In this way, you can become more efficient at exchanging ideas and sharing information more flexibly whether you can be present at a meeting or not.

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