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In Times of Uncertainty, Airgram Brings You Productive and Enjoyable Meetings
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In Times of Uncertainty, Airgram Brings You Productive and Enjoyable Meetings

Jan 10, 20227 mins

Our mission

Since early 2020, the global pandemic has left us no choice but to switch to remote work. Until now, video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams, have become a more significant part of our work routine. Those tools support synchronous communication to keep remote workers aligned and informed of the latest information. Meanwhile, asynchronous collaboration has also gained popularity and has become the new norm for almost every distributed team globally.

Yet, just like what we previously had to go through with in-person meetings, the pain that comes with synchronous online meetings is here to stay:

😒 The meeting always begins without an agenda.
😒 Key points get missed out during the meeting.
😒 No action items to follow up on after a session.

The challenges above still get in the way of having productive and effective synchronous meetings.

Our mission is to clear those hurdles hindering the team from chasing progress and innovation when they communicate synchronously. Additionally, we provide a smooth asynchronous collaboration experience for people to unleash their creativity and strengthen their capabilities. We strive to empower teams to have meetings in the most engaging, efficient, and enjoyable way possible.

Make meetings more efficient, engaging, and enjoyable

Our product design is centered around rethinking the relationship between AI transcription and human note-taking. And we intend to infuse efficiency, engagement, and enjoyment into every meeting.

Efficiency: start with a plan, end with clear next steps

🌟 Before the meeting, write down the agenda and be equipped with a timer so that everybody can attend the meeting with a clear purpose in mind. Kicking off the discussion with an organized framework is a good start to an effective meeting.

🌟 Most of us have more or less been in meetings without anything clear to follow up on, resulting in discussing the same-old issue again at another meeting. Airgram enables you to break a project or a task into multiple action items. All to-dos could turn into actions with clear accountability.


Engagement: document highlights without interruption

🌟 Automatic real-time transcription can free up your hand and mind during the meeting. Paying more attention to the actual discussion makes your ideas flow more smoothly and helps deliver the message.

🌟 Everyone can collaboratively edit the transcript and add notes and action items. The notes taken during a meeting are associated with an exact moment in your video recording and transcript. Therefore, you can jump quickly to the relevant part of the conversation.

🌟 Sometimes, it's not enough to review the meeting by text. We automatically save a video recording for you while transcribing the call. The video recording is divided into chapters based on the agenda topics, offering a clear meeting structure.


Enjoyment: confident to take on any challenge at work

Airgram serves as a toolkit that provides you with the utmost flexibility to manage your meetingβ€”from scheduling to live transcribing a meeting to taking notes and sharing them, you can always get what you need. The one-stop service brings you efficiency and enjoyment when reviewing the meeting minutes. You no longer have to jump between apps while trying to engage in the discussion.


What's next

Our short-term goal is to optimize the product based on users' feedback. We won't stop transforming ourselves. Users' ideas bring us new directions for the product roadmap. And there are a few new feature requests in the pipeline with the upcoming update. We won't stop transforming Airgram to achieve our ultimate goalβ€”to bring you a productive and enjoyable meeting.

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