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The most flexible meeting productivity tool for the hybrid work era. Empower teams to have meetings in the most efficient, engaging and enjoyable way possible.

Efficient, Engaging and Enjoyable Meetings

Keep meetings on track

Create agenda and use the timer for a thorough discussion. Stick to the topic all the way through.

Increase creativity and happiness

Take notes and action items with the help of live transcription. Expand on ideas through knowledge retention.

No more jumping between apps

HD video recording, timestamped notes and action items - find all centralized information with ease.

Key Features

Live Transcribe with One Click

Record and live transcribe Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams meetings with speaker detection. Stay engaged all the way through.

Multiple transcription languages available: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese.

🎉 New: auto-join Zoom calls, MS Teams transcription

Collaborate on Notes, Action Items  

Co-edit meeting minutes and assign action items with due dates. Always stay on top of your plan.

Share meeting notes to Slack, or export transcripts to Notion, Microsoft Word, Google Docs to keep everyone aligned.

🕹 How Airgram powers up Google Meet

Generate Rich Meeting Information

Review meetings with HD video recordings and timestamped notes. Skim for crucial information via AI topic extraction. Referring back to the exact moment of the conversation becomes much easier.

Extract Highlights with Clips

Create clips from an unstructured text to turn your meetings into key highlights. Share them with people internally or externally to let them concentrate on the key points. Help your team or clients improve efficiency.

✂️ New: Create & share clips

Use Cases

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